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Creating a business and living the life you want in these times, will require you to think, plan and behave differently.

There never seems to be a right time to get started in your nutrition business does there? A bill comes in, your schedule is busy, your family isn’t supportive. I know your degree taught you a heap but that business was not part of the curriculum. I’m here to teach you how to create a purpose driven, soul filling business. It’s time to go beyond your degree.

Book your dream clients, confidently own your niche and offering, show up on social media authentically and ditch the self doubt

You’ve done all the courses but you are still nowhere near where you want to be

You’ve got no-one that holds you accountable, no-one that drives you to do the work and you’re not taking action because you don’t know what you should and need to be doing or where to start

Your Leader....

About Brianna

Helping YOU see YOUR business through a different lens

I’m Brianna, dietitian, mum and entrepreneur. I’ve been a dietitian for 14 years and had a variety of roles within the public system, private sector and my own business as a dietitian. Fun fact, I also had a business making and selling picnic blankets which I started when I was on maternity leave with my oldest. I have helped over 50 dietitians get set up or started in their business and I understand where you are coming from as a dietitian new in business having had businesses of my own. I know what needs to happen to get you to where you want to be.

Frustrated by hearing too many times that dietitians had graduated years beforehand were still waiting to “win” the job they were applying for as new grads 1-2 years after graduating, Brianna formed The Ambitious Dietitian combining her industry and business experience with Daniel’s business knowledge and technical skill to help dietitians create a business for themselves so they could work in the area of dietetics that they were most passionate about with the support of a team around them.

My mission is to guide and empower dietitians at any stage of business to build a thriving, sustainable private practice by giving them the tools, knowledge, and 1:1 support they need to succeed


Here's How I Can Help


I offer different options for dietitians and nutritionists in the infancy of their business to seek support to achieve their business dreams. Whether you need mentoring, learning or done for you programs, my coaching will get you on track and keep you moving forward.

Know This..... Here's what will happen to your business without the support of a team around you with a proven roadmap to success

You’ll work on your business doing all the non income producing tasks that don’t actually connect you with any of your ideal clients, or clients at all

You’ll get stuck with low paying one off 1:1 clients

You’ll start applying for jobs that don’t satisfy you

You’ll have to have that awkward conversation with family and friends about closing down your business or why you are now working for someone else

You’ll continue to buy all the online courses, and half do them….again

Don’t let that be you. Seek the support you need to get started in your business to create a thriving and sustainable practice.

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