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What is SEO Copywriting (And Why You Should Care)

SEO Copywriting might sound like some techy mumbo jumbo, but it’s a must-have for your online presence. In simple terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Copywriting is all about writing website content that helps search engines like Google find you.  Think of it as writing with a purpose: to get your website in front of people […]

Hunter Dietetics Website Make Over

Hunter Dietetics Website Make Over hannah magee sublogo

Karen engaged us here at The Ambitious Dietitian for a new website look and copy while keeping the existing branding. Here’s how it went! About Hunter Dietetics Karen, the owner of Hunter Dietetics has been a practising Dietitian for over 20 years. Since starting her private practise she has grown and been able to add […]

Hannah Magee Branding Showcase

Hannah Magee Branding Showcase hannah magee sublogo

This blog post highlights the customised branding we did for Hannah Magee’s Dietitian business. About Hannah Magee Hannah Magee is a Registered Dietitian based out of Canada. She works in the Media and Consulting field of Dietetics where she delivers speaking engagements for organizations, writes nutrition articles for businesses, develops recipes and partners with brands! […]

Mint Dietetics Branding and Custom Form Design

Mint Dietetics Branding and Custom Form Design

A custom branding design, business cards and custom forms for Accredited Practising Dietitian Jenny Jacobs at Mint Dietetics. About Mint Dietetics Jenny Jacobs, owner of Mint Dietetics is a private practice owner based out of Australia. She came to us here at TAD wanting customised branding for her private practice. Additionally she desired custom forms […]

How to sell more by solving problems

Who doesn’t want their books to be fuller? It’s not often that the people who are seeking support within their business are the ones who have hit capacity in their business. Often Dietitians are left wondering why they aren’t attracting clients/more clients and that’s when they start to internalise it and blame themselves. What I’d […]

Is Your Website Working For You?

Last updated 6/6/2024 It’s 2024 and now more than ever before, having an online presence is paramount for your nutrition business! Here at The Ambitious Dietitian we look at your website as being a home base for where people can discover you. A website allows visitors to learn what you do and how you can […]

How to Afford Professional Development?

Last updated 5/21/2024 I have been extremely lucky to attend some really big conferences as part of my continuing professional development (CPD) over the last 17 years. Some examples being the Dietitian Association of Australia’s National Annual Conference, New Zealand’s Joint Nutrition Society of Australia and Nutrition Society of New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting. This […]

“Bash Nutrition” Branding and Presentation Design

“Bash Nutrition” Branding and Presentation Design bash nutrition logo

Preparing Style Guide and Refining Existing Logo for Registered Dietitian and business owner  Sol of Bash Nutrition. About Bash Nutrition Sol Basher is the owner of “Bash Nutrition” out of Florida. He helps his clients feel empowered in their nutrition choices to meet their goals without the fad diets. Branding for Bash Nutrition Sol came […]

“Athletic Eating” Sports Dietitian Branding

“Athletic Eating” Sports Dietitian Branding athletic eating logo

In this blog post we highlight that customized branding and logo design for private practice Sports Dietitian, Harriet Walker, owner of Athletic Eating! So excited for you to see the hard work we’ve put into this one. About Athletic Eating Harriet Walker is a Sports Dietitian with over 7 years experience working with athletes to […]

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