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About Amanda Evans – Nutrition Consulting

For the past 16 years, Amanda has been assisting people with improving their health through nutrition.  In that time, her experiences with individual situations and various conditions has been vast.  She have assisted with everything from weight loss, diabetes management and cardiac nutrition to allergy education, eating disorder recovery, a wide variety of gastrointestinal disorders and many other health conditions.

Amanda’s interests have varied throughout the years, but currently lie with PCOS fertility.  She is married and mother of three busy children!  She also has PCOS and dealt with infertility before making the adjustments to her nutrition & lifestyle that led to the successful conception of her children.  Amanda understands what it is like to struggle with PCOS and knows what it is like to deal with the lack of healthcare providers & medical professionals who do not understand the condition!  So often, women are told to “lose weight and exercise” to get pregnant, but not much more detail than that. And are left exiting the doctor’s office with no more information than what we went in with. She enjoys taking away the feelings of hopelessness and frustration. Amanda loves helping women feel confident in their nutrition & lifestyle choices  to better balance hormones, improve their PCOS symptoms and have a baby.

Amanda practice’s evidence-based nutrition, but understands that some questionable methods in the PCOS community help some women to feel better ( think going gluten-free). She believes that women should trust their bodies and do what they know makes them feel the best. Amanda provides the fundamentals and help to build the foundation of optimal health & fertility, while you guide her in helping you create the optimal plan for YOU as an individual. 

Branding Development 

After working through our branding booklet and creating her own visual moodboard for inspiration for her brand, our graphic designer Carlea put together this moodboard for Amanda.

Carlea and Amanda worked together to finalise what we now know as her current branding for Amanda Evans – Nutrition Consulting. We know that branding is more than a logo though so here is how we have put together her style guide and some of the branding business assets she uses in her business. 

What marketing material do you need in your business? 

It was a pleasure working with Amanda and we hope Amanda Evans – Nutrition Consulting LOVES it’s new look!

Are you ready to give your business a look you’d be proud of that encapsulates your personality and appeals to the audience you want to attract? 

More information on our branding and website  packages are available here. 

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