“Bash Nutrition” Branding and Presentation Design

Preparing Style Guide and Refining Existing Logo for Registered Dietitian and business owner  Sol of Bash Nutrition.

About Bash Nutrition

Sol Basher is the owner of “Bash Nutrition” out of Florida. He helps his clients feel empowered in their nutrition choices to meet their goals without the fad diets.

Branding for Bash Nutrition

Sol came to us with an already existing logo and we wanted to turn that into a brand for him. 

Here’s the original logo

Logo Design For Bash Nutrition

I love Bash Nutrition’s straight forward logo design. The bright red and black color palette stands out from others in the field. Sol choose the “Born with the ability to be strong and healthy” slogan and this clearly tells his audience what it is he can help client’s with: nutrition and their goals.
Take a peek at the logo and sub logo designs below.

Style Guide For Bash Nutrition

The Style Guide encompasses the brands logo, sub logos, colour palette, fonts, patterns, shapes and graphic elements. These will be used throughout every piece of marketing for the business. We also customize the social media icons to match your brand so truly everything is cohesive. 

Which is your favorite part of the style guide? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

Style Guide Basher Nutrition

Business Card and Letter Header

To complete the branding package we created this custom letter header and business cards for his business. A wonderful way to market and spread your business by word of mouth!

bash nutrition letterhead

Custom Presentation Outline

Sol also had us make a custom presentation outline designed for any nutrition education classes that come up. I love that these can be completely customizable for any niche or topic and are a reusable part of marketing.

Wrapping Up

Bash Nutrition’s custom branding package was so much fun to create for Sol and completely customized for what his business needed at the point of his business he was in.

Do you need a branding refresh or creation for your private practice business? You can book a discovery call with me today here and you can customize your package to your unique business needs!

We look forward to chatting with you.

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