Branding and Logo Design- Nicole Barber Dietitian

Do you know why you do what you do? 

There is so much that Nic offer’s that makes her stand out as a dietitian. 

She’s not the dietitian who gives you a diet sheet or asks you to totally reboot your lifestyle. She’s a health change coach as well as a dietitian and a mum of 2.

She started in private practice, with the idea, it will be short term while her boys were babies, then she was  going to go back to clinical practice, seeing clinical as the pinnacle. 

12 years on, private practice is her pinnacle. She realized, in private practice, she has the opportunity to have real and engaging friendships. She loves getting to know people, and genuinely investing time to help someone.  

About Nicole Barber Dietitian


Nic’s calling is to help women restore their perspective of food; their relationship between themselves and food; so that food can be eaten with e with ease to enable health.

She’s here to teach women how to embrace themselves, and learn to see all aspects of their health in a stronger light knowing it is just the start of their journey. 

Nicole’s Values

Step 1: Out with the old, in with the new

Interestingly, Nic shared with us that she was in fact colour blind so each different colour palette was viewed differently in Nic’s eyes. 

logo design dietitians

There was one photo though that she loved that she had shared many times in her business that we used to base the new branding off. 

logo design dietitian

Step 2: Design your kick ass logo

So first of all we amended her old logo with new colour palettes but it didn’t quite work. So we went back to Carlea who done a complete refresh based on the photo above. and new typography that was more modern and contemporary but keeping it  simple and clean, easily read but also light-hearted, nothing heavy or formal. 

Step 3.Assemble your Brand Kit. 

This is the final step that brings everything together for you. Delivered in a Dropbox format. Included in your brand kit is your logo, sub logo, colour codes, typography and font files, logo patterns, social media covers and icons. 

Everything we do has a purpose but you have to do the work for it to make sense and for you to see it all come to fruition. 


Step 4.Use your Brand Kit.

Nic then spent some time updating her business assets – website, handouts and social media to really embrace her new look for her business and as a result, she has been able to move away from being everything to everyone, accepting one off appointments on care plans from GP’s to selling out her 8 week program full of her ideal clients month after month. I’ve said it before but I will say it again, branding is more than a pretty logo. 


As part of the marketing that Nic did to local referrers who formed a large part of her case load, she provided some gynaecologists, female health doctors, endocrinologists and obstetricians with some of her business cards. How awesome do they look?

business cards for dietitians is not to love about her new branding – contemporary, light and fresh. You can check out her website here.

I have no doubt, this is just the beginning of more ease in your business Nic. Here’s to another 12 years in private practice. 

Are you ready to up level your branding as Nicole has done, 

what are you waiting for?

 If you are ready to have a consistent and strategic brand that truly reflects how you want your brand and services to be perceived then let’s connect. 

More information on our branding  packages are available here. 

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