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About Onco Pro

The vision Brittany had for Onco Pro is to be the go to resource for oncology nutrition professionals for continuing education courses, development and community. It is a platform that offers continuing education and supervision for oncology dietitians so they can feel supported and are better able to care for their clients. 

Who is Brittany doing this? 

Dietitians who are often thrown into cancer care with no training, students who are interested in oncology nutrition and for cancer patients who deserve the most compassionate and evidence based care. She got fed up with clients being given a sheet of paper on what not to eat and believes that those with cancer deserve amazing care.  

Onco Pro’s mission is to enhance the lives of those affected by cancer in a positive and impactful way through development and empowerment of oncology nutrition professionals. 

Step 1: Descriptive brand words and emotions to evoke with brand












Step 2: Create your inspiration 

branding for dietitians

After completing our branding workbook which is sent to our creative graphic designer, Carlea, before she can get to work on your design, it is useful for her to have a visual moodboard which our clients, like Brittany completed on Pinterest. Carlea has summarised Brittany’s moodboard as above. The colour palette that was decided on was as follows: 

colour palette for dietitians

Step 3.Decide on your logo 

new branding

Step 4. Assemble your branding kit

Once Brittany confirmed her logo, Carlea was able to assemble her brand kit which included primary and secondary logos, sub logos, favicons, social media icons, font files and colour palettes. All of which was delivered in a Dropbox file. 

How good does it look? 

branding for dietitians

Are you ready to give your business a visual identify? If so,

what are you waiting for?

 If you are ready to have a consistent and strategic brand that truly reflects how you want your brand and services to be perceived then let’s connect. 

More information on our branding  packages are available here. 

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