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About Vital Kidney Nutrition

Lindsay said to us “In three years time, my business will have helped thousands of people with chronic kidney disease use nutrition to improve their kidney health”. 
She’s got big  goals right? 
Who else wants to impact THOUSDANDS of people in a matter of years? 
She wants her business to be one of the top resources for people dealing with CKD. 
For Lindsay, it’s all about doing it for those who were never given the option of using food and nutrition to stop the progression of their kidney disease. 

The first decision Lindsay made was that she needed a new, more professional website. She’d started her business with a DIY website, using her name and it got her this far but she was 100% ready to uplevel her game so that achieving her mission felt possible. 

Step 1: Out with the old, in with the new. 

Lindsay had an older version of a logo she had been using, she was also operating under her name as a business. It was a poor quality logo that appeared small and pixelated on her site and her business name didn’t represent what she did in her business. If people didn’t know who she was and weren’t looking specifically for her, they probably wouldn’t be able to find her. 

Her new business name became Vital Kidney Nutrition and she engaged with us to create a new logo and branding kit for her business which would then be applied to her website.  

Step 2: Design your kick ass logo

Lindsay’s keywords for her brand were: 

  1. Slow progression
  2. Improve kidney health
  3. Plant focused nutrition
  4. Individual
  5. Empower

When completing her branding booklet, we decided to incorporate a  tagline into her logo so it was super clear what she did in her business (just in case the name didn’t give it away, haha). 

The tagline we chose was “Preventing and managing kidney disease”. We love a straight shooter, but seriously there should not be any doubt in anyone’s mind what it is Lindsay does in her business when they come across it and your business shouldn’t be any different. 

When we looked at Lindsay’s brand voice and personality, she really wanted to evoke the feeling of hope, inspiration, confidence and empowerment to her audience.

Knowing all of this, once Lindsay had completed her branding booklet and designed a visual moodboard, Carlea was able to pull together the words and visuals to draft out 4 initial concepts for a logo for Lindsay.

Take a look at the moodboard we developed. 

Moodboard for dietitians graphic design

From there, we had 3 concepts which Lindsay could choose from, or modify and refine. Rarely does it happen, but Lindsay loved one of those concepts initially presented to her so Carlea got to work finalising her branding kit. 

style guide

So when you get a branding kit with us, it’s not just  a logo. From Lindsay’s style guide, you can see it is inclusive of so much more – sub logos, variation logos, font files so you can upload to Canva and create everything you need using the same font along with your colour palette and hexcodes. All of it is delivered to you in a Dropbox folder so you can start creating as many assets as you need with your new branding. You will get web based files and print based files so all your bases are covered depending on what it is you are creating. 

In addition to all of that, you will also get a favicon for your website, social media profile images and social media icons. 

Step 3. Website Development

We were so excited to be given the opportunity to re-develop Lindsay’s website and bradning. We also know that photography and branding & branding make or break a website and you can see the world of difference this has created for Lindsay in her business. Daniel’s work can only be as good as the content supplied to him! Luckily for us, Lindsay was more than happy to engage with a photographer close to home for her and we worked together to tie in her branding into the photoshoot. 

We worked together to ensure Lindsay had a clear picture of her ideal client in mind when creating the flow and copy for her website. 

One of the things we introduced on Lindsay’s new website was an incentive for people to sign up to her email list which for Lindsay come in the form of a kidney friendly snack collection and she has a blog set up in the back end which she is still working on to help her with her SEO and online visibility through Google and other search engines. 

To see the final product, head over to


I have no doubt that this is the start of the next uplevel for  Lindsay in her business and goal of reducing the number of people on dialysis.  

Lindsay's Old Website

Lindsay's New Website

I worked with The Ambitious Dietitian team to completely rebrand my business and create a new website. I love the step-by-step processes Brianna uses which helped me organized my thoughts into a clear message to attract my ideal client. I was thrilled with my branding and logo, I had a hard time deciding between the designs! As soon as I changed over to my new brand, I noticed an uptick in inquiries from potential clients. I'm happy to have a website I can truly be proud of!
Lindsay Ducharme
Registered Dietitian

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