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Life can be a whirlwind. One moment you are heading in one direction, 12 months later, your world seems like a completely different one from the one you imagined only months before. 

Often it’s one major life event that us women, us dietitians and nutritionists experience that changes our perspectives, our hopes and our dreams. 

Having babies. 

We no longer want to commute to work. Why pay someone else to look after my kid so I can spend 90 minutes a day in a car?

Why leave work when it’s dark, get home when it’s dark and not enjoy the sunshine, the blue skies and the fresh air day brings? 

I too was that mum who woke her kids at 6am to be out the door by 8am to be at work by 9am, who finished at 5pm, or 6pm or 7pm to be home late and only have 1-2 hours of quality time, spent doing dinner, bath, books and bed before we did it all over again the next day. 

We’ve all heard the saying “The days are long but they years are short”. Well when you are working in the rat race, they sure are! 

This here is the pivotal moment that many women dietitians and nutritionists get to when they make a choice to live a different life. One they have more control over, one that allows them more flexibility in their hours and days and type of work they are doing. 

Christina Ross from Cultivate Nutrition was a first time mum and had a not yet 12 month old when she approached me to work on developing a small idea she had and together we grew Cultivate Nutrition.

Let’s take a look at some of the foundations that her business is built on including her branding and website developed by The Ambitious Dietitian team

About Cultivate Nutrition

Drawing on her own experiences of motherhood, along with the collective experiences, struggles and questions she had received from other mums she met along the way, Christina became inspired to launch Cultivate Nutrition – a service tailored to the nutritional needs of new, seasoned and soon-to-be mothers. Her view on motherhood through a nutritionist’s lens, and offer a mother’s insight to the practicalities of nutritious eating. 

My goal is to guide, support and empower all mothers to eat well in a very practical sense, through uncomplicated nourishing food and in a way that fits in with their very full lives.

The values for Cultivate Nutrition

1. Support – To be another member of a woman’s ‘village’ as they raise their child/ren, a resource

2. Authenticity – To be true to this season on life, what is realistic, and what life is really like.

3. Empower – Share knowledge, provide guidance and celebrate the small and big wins together with my clients. 

4. Compassion – We are all learning and finding our way, adopting a gentle and kind approach to implementing lifestyle change. 

Finalised Branding Concepts for Cultivate Nutrition

Our in house graphic designer, Carlea created a branding kit from the brief given by Christina. 

Her vision : Nourished and nurtured mothers, who are the best version of themselves, for themselves and their babes.

Cultivate Nutrition will be a successful, thriving business focused on supporting and empowering new, seasoned and soon-to-be mothers to nourish their bodies and cultivate health. Fostering a community of like-minded mothers, who continue to engage with the brand and it’s online community. Cultivate Nutrition returns the focus to the mother. By ensuring she is well nourished, nurtured and connected to other like-minded mums, to be able to help support mothers so they can thrive. Christina provides guidance, evidence-based advice and practical strategies on food, nutrition and health, that are simple and time-efficient for a mother to implement, in amongst the many competing priorities of motherhood.


new logo design for dietitians

Completed Brand Kit

This is the final step that brings everything together for Christina and her brand was her completed branding files.

How we have utilised Cultivate Nutrition Brand Kit

Having the visual identity of her brand allowed Christina to create business collateral that means her brand is recognised by sight such as business cards and a Pantry Checklist downloadable e-book which acts as an incentive for people to join her email list so she can continue to nurture them, building the like, know, trust factor, until they are ready to purchase from her. 

branding for dietitians australia

Photography for your Dietitian Business

Your location is SUPER important when planning out your photoshoot. Your location
can sometimes make or break how the shoot turns out. Here are my top tips for
choosing a location:

  • Make sure it has good natural light! A location with natural light will give you theBEST results for your photos.
  • Scout your location and be familiar with where your shots are being taken.
    Make sure your location compliments your branding. For example, if your branding doesn’t have any pink in it, please do not choose a pink featured location.
  • A big part of your branding shoot is choosing your outfits and ones that will
    compliment your body type and your branding

I know photoshoots can be SUPER nerve-wracking but here are my top tips on how to
prepare for your shoot to get the BEST results!

  • Get a good night’s sleep! When you’re tired and groggy for a photoshoot, you’ll have less energy to be yourself and to pose. Especially if you’re doing a 2-hour photo shoot. Get to bed early and get a solid 8 hours of sleep!
  • Have a stress free morning of the photoshoot! Stress can show on camera and it can put you in the wrong frame of mind. Your shoot should be a fun experience and stress can affect how you perform.
  • Prepare your outfits and accessories at least 3 days in advance. Make sure you’ve
    tried on everything you want to wear prior to the shoot and you’ve got your outfits
    combinations ready!
  • Pack everything and have it ready by your door or in your car the night before. This includes outfits and props (and anything else you need to bring). Even make achecklist if you need to!
  • Turn up on time for your shoot. Traffic delays are totally unavoidable but make sure you consider where you need to park at the location.
  • Practice your poses prior to the day. Being in front of the camera can be nerve wracking! But knowing how to move your body and what to do will help SO much to bring out the BEST in you on camera.

Clothing and Props NEED to be on-brand.

  • I don’t necessarily mean your logo is printed onto your favourite T-shirt but
    incorporate your branding colours into your clothing. Solid colours work really well but I also like texture on clothing in photoshoots as well or keeping clothing neutral and adding in pops of colour.
  • With your accessories, how can you bring your branding colours into these? Think
    notebooks, mugs, food products, chopping boards, yoga mats etc depending on
    what works for your business.

The no no’s for branding shoot clothing
X no thin stripes
X no all black
X red isn’t a great colour to complement most skin tones due to the colour it throws off
when photographed.

Website Showcase

1 100% stand by the quote “photography and branding will make or break a website”. . Just look at how beautiful Christina’s website has turned out. 

A home for her on the world wide web to create and connect with her community. 

Head over to to see the amazing work The Ambitious Dietitian team have done to create a website Christina loves. 

Are you ready to steer your career in a different direction, ready to get started and develop an online presence, then let’s chat. 

Our team is waiting for you

More information on our branding and website packages are available here. 

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