Branding for Cate Fox Dietitian

Who Is Cate Fox?

Cate came to The Ambitious Dietitian to help her with her branding for her Dietetics private practice “Cate Fox Dietitian“. We love to help private practice Dietitian’s get on their feet and build their businesses, which includes finding what branding helps fit their practice best. 

Cate has been a practising Dietitian for over 14 years and specializes in treating the families of those with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). Her passion for PWS stemmed from her niece being diagnosed with it at birth and living through the complexities it presents nutritionally she dove into research and became the expert in this niche! Cate is here to help children and their families be confident in their nutrition choices every step of the way.

Cate offers 1:1 virtual counseling, where you can get the best tailored advice for your child globally! In addition, she has online programs that are self-paced and packed with nutrition knowledge you’re hungry for. Additionally, her website has an online shop full of recipe guides, meal plans and educational resources necessary for her clients success!

Branding for Cate Fox Dietitian

Cate came to us for help with branding and marketing. After having already been in Private practise with a website design, she knew how important this piece of the puzzle was. Having consistent branding as well as a clear niche, shows your clients that you’re professional and helps build their trust in your business.
Below is the image inspiration Cate sent us for her brand. Based off that we were able to create custom patterns, shapes and graphics that told her story and engages her target audience. Isn’t the orange theme the cutest for her target audience?

Images for cate fox Dietitian: an orange on a beige background with yellow, pink stem and orange, pink base with smaller blue oranges. Antoher photo of a mother and three children baking in the kitchen. A child helping juice oranges, a mother holding laying down with her newborn baby. Two orange oranges and a green orange, a collage or orange oranges, a green box with white squiggles, social media icons "cate fox dietitian" on a green background, a beige image with an orange orange and "cate fox dietitian"

Based off her image inspiration, we were able to create the perfect branding patterns, shapes and graphic elements (oranges). Adorable, approachable and professional for both Cate and her future clients. From there we were able to draw her primary colour scheme (orange, green and black). Followed by her font and scripts used in various aspects of branding. These are all essential for cohesive media pieces and sets her up for success in branding her private practice!

Style guide for Cate Fox Dietitian nourishing mothers, infants and families. Primary logo of an orange with green stem, text font and reverse white font logo, primary colour schemes orange, green and black, The alphabet in Thimberly font, Montserrat Light font alphabet and numbers, typeface rules in thimberly and montserrat light font.

Last but not least, business card and letterheads are just as important as an online presence. Giving you the power to build your business through networking and word of mouth.

Why Is Branding And Marketing Your Business Important?

Remember that your websites brand will make or break your website/socials and therefore your traffic and business growth. Obviously not things you want to happen. Here at TAD we have mastered our craft in helping our client’s websites and brands succeed, which means you get time back and more clientele!

Work With Us!

Do you love this branding as much as we do? Leave us a comment below! Did this post leave you hungry for more examples? Click here to see more.
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