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I’d like to introduce to you Jenny Accettura, an ex professional dancer and now Registered Dietitian. 

When she was dancing, she didn’t know how to properly fuel for performance and when she retired, she was worried about losing her dancer body.  Through that whole experience, she was inspired to become a Dietitian, and help fellow dancers navigate that journey. 

She came to us here at The Ambitious Dietitian as a dietitian working in quality improvement and patient safety, Covid hit and her job got moved to the morgue – that was not what she signed up to for at all! 

Fast forward a few years, she moved across the country, got married and continues to be excited by her work, day in and day out helping dancers fuel properly, improve their performance and recovery and reduce injuries, all whilst befriending carbs! 

About Centre Stage Nutrition

Ultimately Jenny’s goal is to challenge the status quo to change the way dancers respond to unrealistic body image expectations and provide them with the tools to fuel optimally for performance throughout all phases of their career from aspirant to professional to retired dancers.

It all started with one photo…..

Jenny thought it would be a great idea to base her logo off her last solo as a ballerina. These are the images she forward which we took into account when creating her branding concepts. 

nutritionist logo design

Step 2: Create your brands mood board.

This is an online visual brain dump of all the elements that represent your brand. We ask dietitians to put together a collection of logos they like that they are drawn too that we can use for inspiration. Typography that they are attracted too, logo elements that connect their brand to their audience and colour palettes that resonate with them.

Here is what was put together from Jenny’s mood board. 

new logo design for dietitians

Step 3: Design your kick ass logo

Our in house graphic designer, Carlea works her magic to present 3 concepts in her first round of logos. From this, based on feedback. Whether you love it, hate it, or want a little bit of them all, we go backwards and forwards until we have something you are totally in love with which is this exact one for Jenny. 

branding for dietitians australia

Step 4.Assemble your Brand Kit. 

This is the final step that brings everything together for you. Delivered in a Dropbox format. Included in your brand kit is your logo, sub logo, colour codes, typography and font files, logo patterns, social media covers and icons. 

Everything we do has a purpose but you have to do the work for it to make sense and for you to see it all come to fruition. 


new logo design for dietitians

Step 5.Use your Brand Kit.

Create material for your brand ongoingly that creates brand consistency and recognition. 

Here’s what we created for Jenny using her brand kit. 


new logo design for dietitians



new logo design for dietitians



Website Design for Dietitians Showcase

As always, it is amazing to see the brand come together and all our foundational work find a home on the internet. 

When you first land on Jenny’s website, it is so clear what she does for who which is key to helping her attract her ideal audience and walking them through the next steps of working with her. 

On her website, viewers can book in with her, pay for appointments online, purchase products from her shop and she even has a downloadable for dance schools who are interested in hearing her speak – bigger impact! 

Like all of our websites, we ensure there is social media integration, incentive for email list growth and the ability to make contact with the website owner. 

Much of what you don’t see at the back end is setting up all the connections, payments and integrations including Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel and Woo Commerce. 

Anyway, here’s a few images from her site shall you be looking for some inspiration. 

To see her website in full, you can check it out at

Are you ready to up level your branding and website like Erin?

If so, what are you waiting for?

 If you are ready to have a consistent and strategic brand that connects and a website that converts, then let’s connect. 

More information on our branding and website packages are available here. 

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