“Eat ‘n’ Grow” Nutrition Branding and Logo Design

Are you a Dietitian or Nutritionist looking for a logo design? If so, we can help you just how we did with Eat ‘n’ Grow who we’ll be featuring in today’s blog post.

mood board for eat n grow

About Eat 'n' Grow

Vikki Nash, the owner of Eat ‘n’ Grow based out of Canberra, Australia created her brand to help paediatric population with a variety of conditions. They provide nutritional plans and advice for those with disability, Autism spectrum disorder, eating disorder clientele, chronic diseases, GI disease, and general nutrition.

Since beginning her private practice she has been able to add on 2 additional Registered Dietitians to see her growing audience. Quite the feat to get to this point in business, however we at TAD love to help your business get to the point you dream for them. Whether that is with 10 dietitian’s on your team or you solo doing work you love while the kid’s are in school.

Mood Board For Eat 'n' Grow

When you engage us here at The Ambitious Dietitian for branding and logo design, we first take a peek at what it is you already have set up. Usually this is any professional photos you’ve had done and your vision for your brand. This gives us some inspiration for what it is your dream business will look like. We then create a “mood board” including patterns, shapes and graphics that would match your brand. Then coordinating social icons with your branding colors and image inspiration. Vicki’s mood board is above.


Eat 'n' Grow Logo Design

From the mood board we are able to then build out a logo design. A log is the key way to your audience recognizes your brand in the midst of thousands of brands! It also acts as a “touch point” which is something we talk about in our program Thrive. Essentially, it is one way for your target audience to become more familiar with you and eventually, buy what you’re selling or tell someone else about what it is you have to offer. 

When Vikki came to us to help her design her logo for her business, we knew she had a passion for paediatric nutrition and wanted to capture her vision and market towards her target audience, which is typically the parents of children.
Take a peek at the beautiful logo details below!

Style Guide

After the logo we can move on to present the “style guide”, which will be used for the future duration of the businesses marketing. Marketing includes: social media posts, blog posts, emails, etc. This comes in so handy for yourself or your Virtual Assistant who is doing your marketing for your business. A great brand  has everything they produce flow and look cohesive!

eat n grow style guide

Business Cards and Letterhead Design

Finally, business cards and a letterhead with your the new logo and header design! 

business card and letterhead for eat 'n' grow

How do you think we did with Eat ‘n’ Grow’s branding and marketing package design? Tell us which element is your favorite by leaving us a comment below!

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take the leap into private practice and start working with your audience? The Ambitious Dietitian would love to help you brand your practice so that it sets you apart from your competition and will attract your niche audience. What are you waiting for!

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