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About Everyday Nutrition

A photo of a women leaning on a dark counter top hands clasped together, wearing a white blouse and dark jeans.

Joanna Baker, the owner of Everyday Nutrition created her brand to help others who struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and food intolerances. Her passion stems from first hand experience with how IBS can impact relationships, work and day to day moods. She loves to help her clients overcome their fear foods and manage their gut symptoms.

Since beginning her practice she has been able to add three amazing Dietitians: Jemma, Jasmine and Liz. All of whom bring unique skills to the team to best support her clientele. When you engage them as your Dietitian, they can help identify the root cause of the gut issues you’re having in order to treat it efficiently and effectively.

Branding For Everyday Nutrition

Joanna came to our team with a logo and website already intact but wanted a refresh from our team. Take a peek at her logo she had prior to coming to The Ambitious Dietitian. 


everyday nutrition text in dark green and light green with an orange leaf and three dots off centered to the left that are orange, green and red

Not a bad start! However, sometimes choosing the right branding is a bit more complicated than first round picks. We really want to showcase the motive and missions behind a business through it’s images and logo.

Joanna came to us wanting something a bit more feminine to represent her business, so we came up with the logo on the left below. As you can see it is quiet feminine and a beautiful palette of purple, turquoise, green, peach, pink and an orange-yellow.

A divided photo, on the left everyday nutrition logo is in green, pink, orange and purple and on the right the text saying everyday nutrition is in green, orange and red with small squares underneath each photo showing the colors

We love this side to side visual so we can highlight that branding makes a difference! On the left the audience might take the brand for being more catered to females due to it’s feminine qualities, while the right really draws on vibrancy and bold colors.


Second Round Branding

After experimenting with it for a while, Joanna decided she wanted the brand and website to blend the two previous logos. We ultimately created this branding and logo design for Everyday Nutrition.

It takes the best qualities of both logos: the green shades from the first logo and the yellow/orange shade from the second logo. The yellow really adds a pop of color and warmth to this logo. Then we added the aqua blue which adds in another layer of warmth and serenity to the brand.

everyday nutrition logo with green, blue, yellow and black
6 squares showing different colors: different shades of green, yellow, and blue

I think it’s a beautiful blend to showcase her businesses personality.
What do you think? Leave us a comment below which one is your favorite.


Website Design

Designing Everday Nutrition’s website was a thrilling experience. We love the play on the earthy green and vibrant produce. Not to mention her professional photos really take this website to the next level. 

As you can see below the home page, the blog, the shop and the about me sections are tied together with the gorgeous branding and show professionalism to her audience. This conveys that they are a brand you can trust.

Wrapping Up Branding And Website Design

We had so much fun designing a webiste and logo that Everyday Nutrition loves and represents Joanna’s unique gut health brand. To see her updated website and all it’s branding simply click here.

Are You Ready?

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