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About Flexible Nutrition

Lauren came to us here at The Ambitious Dietitian wanting to leave her aged care job and step into a private practice role that incorporated yogic principles and practices to connect people to themselves, enabling them to become more centred and grounded, and increase mindfulness around food consumption. It was a beautiful blend of her yoga and nutrition. 

She wanted her business Flexible Nutrition to get people in tune with their bodies/sensations so that they increase awareness of how certain foods make them feel – physically, emotionally and spiritually, to reduce non-hungry or emotional eating.

The vision she had was to create a world that facilitates holistic, balanced healthy living. A world where people use food and yoga to be more mindful, centred and grounded, so that they may approach food differently and eliminate stress, emotional and non-hungry eating, through simple and whole foods.To promote a wholefoods lifestyle, by cutting the sugar, refined grains and processed foods, while focusing on good quality proteins, healthy fats and plenty of nutrient dense vegetables, eating local and fresh wherever possible

So let’s take a look at how her brand came together. 

Branding Development 

After working through our branding booklet and creating her own visual moodboard for inspiration for her brand, our graphic designer Carlea put together this moodboard for Lauren.

branding for dietitians

We know that branding is more than a logo though so here is how we have put together her style guide. 

style guide for dietitians

From there, we were able to produce a number of assets for Lauren to use in her marketing using her branding kit. Carlea, our graphic designer has created business cards, and a letterhead for streamlined communication. 

What marketing material do you need in your business? 

Branded Photography

We know that photos can make or break a website and as such, Lauren sought out the expertise of Wendy Chung, a Sydney based photographer to help her with a collection of photo’s to be used not only on her website, but across her marketing efforts also. 

Website Development

Following on from branding, we helped Lauren to create a website that enabled clients to book in directly with her to any of her 1:1 nutrition services, or class based yoga sessions.  

To see the final product, head over to her website here.

It was a pleasure working with Lauren and we hope she has a long lasting career in private practice. 

Are you ready to give your business a look you’d be proud of that encapsulates your personality and appeals to the audience you want to attract? 

More information on our branding and website  packages are available here. 

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