Hannah Magee Branding Showcase

This blog post highlights the customised branding we did for Hannah Magee’s Dietitian business.

About Hannah Magee

Hannah Magee is a Registered Dietitian based out of Canada.
She works in the Media and Consulting field of Dietetics where she delivers speaking engagements for organizations, writes nutrition articles for businesses, develops recipes and partners with brands! Additionally, she has a podcast and blog where she helps her audience decipher nutrition information from myths and shares nutritious recipes!

Branding for Hannah Magee

Hannah came to us wanting a done for you branding to highlight her online business. When you engage us here at The Ambitious Dietitian for custom branding we begin by getting a feel for what you want your brand to encompass, what you want it to convey to your target audience and how we can make it look cohesive across all your platforms. First, we do the logo design. 

Logo Design For Hannah Magee

Hannah was looking for a simple, modern design for her business so that it appealed to many brands and businesses she would partner with in the future. When it comes to your logo, you want to have your primary logo and then sub logos that will fit better on socials or various business projects.
Here we have created many versions, all simple and cohesive.

hannah magee primary logo
hannah magee sublogo

Style Guide For Hannah Magee

Next we created the Style guide for Hannah Magee.
The style guide is an essential part of the branding design, as it shows all elements of the branding package. From branding colours, to logo and sub logos, and fonts to be used for all marketing of the brand.

We also love to include graphic patterns that are custom made and can be used in a variety of marketing settings and the image inspiration for the brand. You can see that Hannah’s is again cohesive and minimal-modern.

Finally we have our social media profile logo which is great to add to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Wherever your business can be found or is marketing, your branding should be there to let your audience know it’s you!

hannah magee style guide
hannah magee style guide page 2

Which is your favorite part of Hannah’s style guide?
Leave us a comment below to let us know.

Business Card Design

To complete the branding package we created this custom business cards as a way to promote and market her business.

To match the branding we stuck to a professional, yet simple business card that encompasses the way she would like to be contacted for business deals.

Letter head Design

Letter heads are an additional extra touch for the marketing and branding packages we offer. We love how this one turned out!

Wrapping up Custom Branding

Hannah’s business was a fun one to highlight for us as it shows you that there are many fields of Dietetics that a Dietitian can work in! Media and consulting is not your average client work, but still requires a cohesive branding to be taken as professional. This just goes to show that your website and social’s are an important element of gaining clients!

Want more?

If you’re a Dietitian or nutrition professional looking to get your own customised branding package, book a 30 minute discovery call with me today to see how we can best support you. 

Are you looking for website creation? We do that too. Click here to learn more.

We are passionate about helping Dietitians and nutrition professionals launch into the land of entrepreneurship so if you have any questions at all, we love to chat. Leave us a comment below!

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