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A brand new business and a brand new look

Digestive Health is not talked about nearly as much as it should, and Brooke’s goal was to get people talking about it, including all of the healthcare practitioners and healthcare networks. She wants to change the narrative on managing IBD, IBS, food sensitivities, Celiac Disease and the rest!

Branding and then website

After completing our branding booklet and compiling together a visual moodboard on Pinterest, Brooke was very clear that she wanted to incorporate some script font as well as plant images given she is an avid gardener herself. The colour palettes she was drawn too were very earthy with a citrus theme to them. Take a look at her moodboard on Pinterest if you like to see what I am talking about. From all of that pre-work, our graphic designer Carlea was able to produce our Round 1 concepts which Brooke loved and just needed a little tweaking. Here’s the final logo and style guide

We created a number of materials for marketing for Brooke such as a powerpoint presentation template, a letterhead and business cards all which showcased her beautiful branding. 

We then got her to book in her photography session with a local photographer.  It’s never just a simple photoshoot, but always something far more curated to match the branding, go with the style you want and elicit the feelings you want your brand too. 

Take a peek below at some of the photos Brooke had done and take notice of the finer details 

Next we built her website

A website isn’t just putting together bits and bobs and hoping it all turns out ok. 

The elements Daniel requires prior to starting any design piece are: 

  • Branding (tick) 
  • Photos (tick) 
  • Hosting (tick)
  • Domain name (tick) 
  • Website Copy – the most time consuming piece of the puzzle
  • Inspiration 

Website Presentation

Once we have finalised all the elements needed, they are handed over to Daniel, our website designer to fulfill the brief. 
This process usually takes another 2-3 weeks before we do our first presentation. 

Often this is a hold your breath, I hope they like it situation, but 9/10 times we are on track with what our dietitian clients envisioned and what was provided to them. 

The last step is to to go through the site and collate any feedback from both ends before it goes live. 
We make sure that all the integrations are working and links go where they are suppose to go before we do one last handover at completion and provide you with a training video on how to maintain your website. 

So let me show you how it all turned out for Brooke.

You can find Brooke’s site here. 

It’s all come together beautifully don’t you think?

A website that drives people to booking a discovery call and scheduling in appointments with her. 

We love it and hope you do too, check out the finished product here!

Brooke's journey didn't stop there with branding and website though

Brooke worked with us for 12 months in an earlier version of our current Thrive program. 

She had an idea and wanted help to bring it to life and turn it into a business, and that we did. She juggled building her business whilst working part time, getting married and renovating houses. Proof that you too, can create the life you want and have it all. 

When I first started working with Brianna and the TAD team, I really was unsure of how to build the foundation of my practice. I had gotten all the legal stuff out of the way, but I was in over my head between information overload from blog posts and with little guidance. Brianna and her team not only provided the guidance I needed to build my practice from the ground up, but also instilled in me the confidence I needed to do so. Brianna and her team encouraged structure, and were persistent about it, to be sure you didn’t procrastinate or fall behind (having your best interest at heart)… but one of my favorite things about working with her is that I felt like I had a friend on this journey. She was motivating, supportive, understanding, kind, but she also believed in me and believed in my dream as much as I did. That was when I knew that my investment was not only worth every cent, but I would do it ten times over.

Brooke DeCelles

Registered Dietitian

Are you ready to give your business a look you’d be proud of that encapsulates your personality and appeals to the audience you want to attract, giving yourself the online presence it deserves in this current world where everything and everyone is online? 

We now have availability for new website builds. Will you be the next one? 

More information on our branding and website  packages are available here. 

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