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About Nutrition & Grace

Beth is an experienced Registered Dietitian and boy mum. She wanted her business to be able too capitalise on her skills and experience in chronic disease management leveraging from her connections in the local community of Fulshear, Texas. 

Her overall purpose is to provide evidence-based nutrition education for individuals in the community who are seeking preventative health care and support managing chronic disease.

Not sure of her business name initially, whilst doing some values work with us, there were a few values that stood out to her. Authenticity, Respect, Grace/Compassion, Empowering/Equipping and so became Nutrition & Grace. 

It was no surprise that as a working mum, Beth strived to build a business that will be well-run and organized so she is available to her family and feels personally fulfilled.

Beth engaged with us to help her create some branding for her business, build her website and get started with email marketing. 

Branding Development 

After working through our branding booklet and creating her own visual moodboard for inspiration for her brand, Beth admitted was all very feminine because, “I love pink and flowers and pretty things”. She was concerned though that she didn’t want her brand to be too girly, but she still wanted it to be her and have personality in it but not be off putting for male clients. 

So here is what we came up with. 

Registered Dietitian

We know that branding is more than a logo though so here is how we have put together her style guide. 

style guide nutrition and grace

From there, we were able to produce a number of assets for Beth to use in her marketing using her branding kit. Carlea, our graphic designer has created business cards, a letterhead for GP communication and a powerpoint presentation for the community talks Beth does. 

What marketing material do you need in your business? 

Lead Magnet

Beth was completely new to business and marketing and was not familiar with using any kind of email marketing so we helped her to establish a lead magnet which she could use as an incentive to grow her email list. 

Website Development

Having never had a website before, we walked through all the steps with Beth to help her create a home base for her business. We looked at the functions she wanted her website to have which essentially were to help her grow her email list and get people to book in to work with her so we connected her website to her Practice Better link so bookings and payments could be automated, along with the onboarding policies relevant to each patient. The foundations of Beth’s business is 1:1 consults which is why her website has been created in a way it has been. We installed a FB Pixel and Google Analytics and connected Mailerlite and integrated Practice Better as well as her social media accounts. 

To see the final product, head over to her website here.

It was a pleasure working with Beth and we wish her all the success she desires. 

Are you ready to give your business a look you’d be proud of that encapsulates your personality and appeals to the audience you want to attract? 

More information on our branding and website  packages are available here. 

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