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Why Tiana needed a new website when she already had one. 

Tiana came to me at the start of this year feeling burnt by another marketing company. She felt like she’d paid them a tonne of money but she wasn’t quite sure why. Ultimately, what she wanted us to help her with was to increase her online presence so she could have a website that she was proud of and most importantly reach individuals, provide value and generate leads for her business. Those were her words, not ours! 

Her Wix website wasn’t allowing her to do the things she wanted it to do and was due for expiry in March. She had made grand plans to do it herself, but realised, many tears later, she was a great dietitian, but not a great website designer and was just burning herself out and getting more and more frustrated by the process of trying to do it herself. We don’t usually do whole new websites, including copy and photography in less than a month, but this is how it all went…..

The steps we took 

Tiana had already engaged with a designer to help her with her logo and given it was still a great logo, we both agreed we could use it for her new website which was great given we were on such a tight deadline. 

We then got her to book in her photography session with a local photographer which was going to be one week out from our deadline and the photographer still needed to edit and provide the finished files. 

Photoshoot happened, a week goes by and we are still waiting on photos….. 

In the meantime, we had swapped Tiana’s website over to SiteGround hosting and WordPress and popped up a holding page for her. It was simply a page that shared something new was coming and a link to her contact details and Practice Better page so that people could still get in touch with her while her old website was down and her new website was being built. In the process of it all though, her emails went down, so the photos actually did get sent, but just didn’t get received. So once all that was rectified, we got the photos and the design work begun. 

What do we need to get a website design started? 

A website isn’t just putting together bits and bobs and hoping it all turns out ok. 

The elements Daniel requires prior to starting any design piece are: 

  • Branding (tick) 
  • Photos (tick) 
  • Hosting (tick)
  • Domain name (tick) 
  • Website Copy – the most time consuming piece of the puzzle
  • Inspiration 

Let’s talk about website copy 

Hiring a copywriter who specialises in SEO would be the dream, however I know that a website itself, with branding and photography is often a big enough expense. 

So here at The Ambitious Dietitian, I myself, have delved into as much as I can learn about copywriting for websites and am learning more and more about SEO lately. Often when creating a website, I assist with the copy of the main pages – Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Contact Us Page and Blog Page. 

If you would like to know more about the process I take and how to audit your own website, join this training here. 

So Tiana completed our how to write website copy workbook and I took some of the copy from her existing website with the answers in her workbook to create a live sharable doc that we worked on over 2-3 weeks to refine her copy and the website’s purpose and ensure it was all pointing to her bookable pages and driving visitors to her main call to actions. 

Website Presentation

Once we have finalised all the elements needed, they are handed over to Daniel, our website designer and we let him work his magic with it all. 
This process usually takes another 2-3 weeks before we do our first presentation. 

Often this is a hold your breath, I hope they like it situation, but 9/10 times we are on track with what our dietitian clients envisioned and what was provided to them. 

From there, we give our clients an opportunity to go through the site with a fine tooth comb where they can put together any edits required which Daniel will make before it goes live. 
We make sure that all the integrations are working and links go where they are suppose to go before we do one last handover at completion and provide you with a training video on how to maintain your website. 

So let me show you how it all turned out for Tiana. 

How amazing does that look? You can visit the real thing here. 

A cohesive visual brand. 

A aesthetically pleasing website. 

A functioning website that drives visitors to her blog to increase SEO and drives visitors to her services. 

I’m so glad we got to bring this to life for you Tiana and I hope you love it as much as you deserve. Here’s what she said about it. 

I am really so grateful I came across you and your company, thank you! My website is above and beyond what I expected it would be. I absolutely love how it turned out! Brianna was so helpful throughout the entire process and Daniel did a wonderful job creating my website. I cannot recommend them enough! They are professional, affordable and care about you and your business. Thank you, you have been wonderful to work with!

Tiana Sexton


Are you ready to give your business a look you’d be proud of that encapsulates your personality and appeals to the audience you want to attract, giving yourself the online presence it deserves in this current world where everything and everyone is online? 

We now have availability for new website builds. Will you be the next one? 

More information on our branding and website  packages are available here. 

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