Branding and Logo Design for Dietitians- Jinan Banna Nutrition Consultant

What dietitian doesn’t love food? Jinan Banna is no different. 

Jinan came to us wanting to get her business off the ground. 

Her business did, and still does, have many arms to it which Jinan juggles whilst  working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences at the University of Hawaii. 

Her research has primarily focused on obesity prevention in underserved populations and this is what inspired her when choosing a niche for her business. 


About Jinan Banna Nutrition Consulting

JBNC Vision

Enabling busy working women to focus on nourishing their bodies.

JBNC Mission

I aim to educate and inspire busy working women who are lost trying to navigate the world of nutrition after trying all the diets and not knowing what is next, to consume a healthful, varied diet and still achieve their healthy weight. 

JBNC Values

Step 1: Out with the old, in with the new

Like many people just starting out, Jinan had a DIY logo that had been created but had struggled to use branding as part of her business and apply it to all of her marketing efforts. It really was just a logo in the footer of her website. 

Step 2: Create your brands mood board.

Jinan engaged us to help her create a more professional logo that really was part of an up level in her business and positioned her where she wanted to be positioned in the market – charging higher prices.

We worked together to create her online moodboard through Pinterest which gave Carlea our graphic designer direction with regards to colour palettes, typography and elements to include in Jinan’s new branding. 

Here is what was put together from Jinan’s mood board in round 1. 

graphic design dietitians

Step 3: Design your kick ass logo

Carlea presented 2 rounds of concepts to Jinan throughout the process. Jinan’s initial feedback from round 1 was “I like them all” which is always great but forms the problem of having to narrow it down to one.

The designs offered a more professional approach than her current design but graphic elements of fruit and/or vegetable were still included and tied it altogether, creating interest and drawing appeal. 

Here’s the final logo that she decided on. 

Step 4.Assemble your Brand Kit. 

This is the final step that brings everything together for you. Delivered in a Dropbox format. Included in your brand kit is your logo, sub logo, colour codes, typography and font files, logo patterns, social media covers and icons. 

Everything we do has a purpose but you have to do the work for it to make sense and for you to see it all come to fruition. 


branding for dietitians

Step 5.Use your Brand Kit.

Create material for your brand ongoingly that creates brand consistency and recognition. 

Here’s what we created for Jinan using her brand kit. 

branding for nutritionists

We totally love Jinan’s new, professional branding. Be sure to check out how she has used it within her business. 

Are you ready to up level your branding like JInan,

what are you waiting for?

 If you are ready to have a consistent and strategic brand that truly reflects how you want your brand and services to be perceived then let’s connect. 

More information on our branding  packages are available here. 

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