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An in depth look at how we build a brand experience and website design for dietitians and nutritionists in business. Whether you are just starting out in your business and need to develop elements to help you create brand recognition or if you are an older business that perhaps had a DIY logo that needs a refresh. Here we take you through the process of creating that brand identity and what it looks like to create a website with the team here at The Ambitious Dietitian. We’ve simplified the process for you. 

Building a brand and not just a logo will help you to tell a story, one that will be imprinted into every area of your business that will capture the essence of your business and one that wins you work. You want your branding to present a professional, trustworthy online and offline image. This can be very much an overwhelming process as there are so many choices to be made. 

About Blunt Nutrition

Erin is an American based functional dietitian. She had been doing nutrition coaching for 8 years in a traditional healthcare model focusing on multiple chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, IBS, PCOS, weight and cholesterol management. Then in January she contracted COVID -19. When she went to follow up with her PCP, they would not see her in person and prescribed steroids. A week later, she started experiencing heart attack symptoms. She went to urgent care, which set me up with a PCP who would see me in-person. She was then told that she was having “silent panic attacks” and sent home, despite telling him she had had panic attacks before and this felt different. Her heart attack symptoms continued to feel worse. It felt like someone  was lighting her on fire from the inside. Next she went to the ER, where they ruled out embolism and heart attack and sent her home. The next day it continued to get worse. Back she went to the ER. The doctor popped her head in and said “If this CAT scan is negative I am sending you home”.  They didn’t even do an intake on her. Of course, the CAT scan was negative because the previous ER already did that workup. Her mum asked the doctor if she was at risk for having a stroke, the doctor simply replied “I could have a heart attack
leaving this office today, I can’t promise that. I have COVID patients to see. I don’t have time for this.” Once again she was sent home once to follow up with her PCP. 

This time the PCP said she was a COVID long-hauler and gave her more steroids.
Even though she had told all these providers that she felt something else was going on. Her heart attack symptoms and burning in her body continued to get worse
so she went back to the ER for a third time. The nurse just looked at her and said, “you have to stop coming here. We aren’t going to do anything for you. You have
to just ride out the symptoms at home.” The ER doctor came in, and she literally pleaded for her life that day. Luckily, this time the doctor felt bad and admitted

Erin ended up in the hospital for 3 days with a diagnosis of myocarditis and a massive stomach ulcer caused by all the steroids the doctors were giving her.

She then had her ah-ha moment and realised the conventional healthcare system is flawed. They don’t take time to truly listen to your needs. They rule out emergencies, but lack the ability to prevent them. They treat symptoms but not underlying causes. 

Sadly, this was not the first time she had been in this situation. 

Erin spent years struggling with IBS and SIBO because doctors and dietitians put her on cookie-cutter protocols and diets so she decided to get her certification in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy and the more she researched specialised testing, the more she realised how much functional medicine is going to revolutionise the healthcare industry. 

Now she works with women struggling with IBS to  try and identify the root cause of their digestive dysfunction through specialised lab testing in order to create a tailor-made, customised lifestyle program specific to meet their unique needs. 

Why she is here 

" I know I am here to teach women to speak up and be an advocate for themselves, not just when it comes to their health, but in all areas of their lives. Each one of my programs takes into account people's own bio-individuality and wellness plans are handcrafted to meet each person's specific needs. I'm here to revolutionise the way healthcare approaches IBS."

Step 1: Identifying Erin’s Brands Mission

As always, we start the process by completing our branding workbook. Looking at how you want your business to be perceived. Branding is what helps make communication faster and more effective. Why? Because us humans process visuals a lot faster than just text alone and in addition, the key is to be consistent with your branding throughout your business.

When asked what it is she does in her business, here is what she has to say….


Changing body chemistry so women have the energy to take back control of their life and show the world their brilliance. 

My business focuses on a five pillar of health approach to IBS management.

I help women create a step-by-step plan through daily habits and structure to take back
control of their digestive health.

I help women to:
● Develop positive coping skills for stress
● Create a growth mindset around self – identity and relationship with food
● Move their bodies to support strength and self-worth
● Develop meal planning and cooking skills to consistently nourish their bodies
● Focus on sleep hygiene so they have the energy to shout out and be heard
● Use strategic, personalized supplementation to achieve food freedom

Step 2: Create your brands mood board.

This is an online visual brain dump of all the elements that represent your brand. Logos you like that you are drawn too that we can use for inspiration. Typography that you are attracted too, logo elements that connect your brand to your audience and colour palettes that you resonate with.

new logo design for dietitians

Step 3: Design your kick ass logo

Our in house graphic designer, Carlea works her magic to present 3 concepts in her first round of logos. From this, based on feedback. Whether you love it, hate it, or want a little bit of them all, we go backwards and forwards until we have something you are totally in love with which is this exact one for Erin. 

logo design for dietitians

Step 4.Assemble your Brand Kit. 

This is the final step that brings everything together for you. Delivered in a Dropbox format. Included in your brand kit is your logo, sub logo, colour codes, typography and font files, logo patterns, social media covers and icons. 

When asked what her brand values were, she mentioned words such as  Empowerment, brilliance, revolutionary, control, food freedom , self-worth,
self-identity, strength, nourishment, consistency, personalization, superpowers,
passion, desire, support, worthy, energy, vitality.  

Now guess what these became? 

Her tag line for her branding. 

Everything we do has a purpose but you have to do the work for it to make sense and for you to see it all come to fruition. 

branding for dietitians

Step 5.Use your Brand Kit.

Create material for your brand ongoingly that creates brand consistency and recognition. The options are endless. So far Erin has worked on resources for her program as well as lead generation email marketing incentives.  



Website Design for Dietitians Showcase

It was a pleasure creating a website for Erin and she is an amazing writer – it really does shine through that her previous degree was in communications!. Having a website has allowed her to have a presence online for her business. 

Somewhere she can share with other health professionals, other business owners, other women who are struggling with IBS and have been for years who are looking for the last “thing” they will ever need to have their bowels return to normal. 

A place to incentivise people to join her mailing list. 

A place for people to submit an application to work with her. 

A place for people to connect with her. 

A place for her to share her authority and knowledge as an expert in the IBS space as a Registered Dietitian via her blog. 

A home for her on the world wide web. 

Head over to https://bluntnutrition.com/ to see the amazing work The Ambitious Dietitian team have done to create a website that Erin loves. 

Are you ready to up level your branding and website like Erin?

If so, what are you waiting for?

 If you are ready to have a consistent and strategic brand that connects and a website that converts, then let’s connect. 

More information on our branding and website packages are available here. 

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