“Whole Green Health” Dietitian Branding

Branding and logo design for private practice dietitian, Melissa Gray owner of Whole Green Health.

About Whole Green Healthy

Melissa Gray, the owner of Whole Green Health offers online education and inspiration to clients who want to pursue consuming a primarily plant based diet and live more sustainably in their kitchens and lifestyles. She works with her clients to do this by using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and non-diet techniques to best support the client where they are while making realistic changes for their lifestyles.

Branding for Whole Green Health

Melissa came to us knowing that she wanted to specialize in Plant-based nutrition services and we thought her brand should match that. You always want your branding and marketing to reflect who your target audience is, that way when they see your posts or marketing they know they need what you’re offering! 

When you engage TAD for custom branding, we start by getting to know what your target audience is like, what you imagine your brand to appear as and so forth. We use tools such as a branding journal to help get the clearest picture. From there we begin the fun process of creating your brand.

Logo Design For Whole Green Health

logo design for whole green health

This simple, natural and earthy colored logo is straightforward, while also being charming. It tells the viewer who the target audience is: those seeking sustainable wellbeing. That’s a lot for a little logo to pack in but we know a logo can go far in business! It’s also important to have sub logos for different aspects of marketing.
Take a peek at them below.

Style Guide For WGH

What is a style guide? It’s a visually appealing set of standards that represents the business. Everything from the logo, sub logos, the colour palette, fonts, patterns, shapes and graphic elements, you can use throughout marketing pieces are encompassed here. We also love to throw in the image inspiration for the brand. For Melissa that’s pears, lettuce, greenery and the farmhouse creative with a beetroot. 

Which is your favorite part of the style guide? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

Wrapping Up

Whole Green Health’s custom branding was so much fun to create for Melissa. As a Dietitian myself, I love to see another Dietitian’s dreams and ideas come to life! Launching into the world of private practice has it’s up’s and down’s but this is certainly a fun aspect!
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