Why you shouldn’t design your logo using Canva

Canva is an incredibly user friendly design program that does not require users to have extensive design skills. This makes it a great tool for people to use for material like social media posts, some marketing collateral and other basic design concepts. But when it comes to using Canva to create logos and to build your business’s brand identity, the platform comes with a number of limitations that may hurt your business in the long run. 

There is nothing uniquely you in Canva.

The purpose of creating a logo is to help identify your unique brand and business. Logo templates found on Canva are literally available to everyone. So that design template you choose has most likely been chosen by several other people before you, and the logo created is probably similar or the same as someone else’s out there. This completely defeats the purpose of creating a logo unique for your business. Your logo is your brand and business’s identity. If it looks like everyone else’s, your business won’t stand out as unique, professional or identify with the customers you wish to attract.

Your logo can not be trademarked.

Because Canva templates are not exclusive to one business, it means the design used cannot be trademarked. Trademarks must be distinctive enough to ensure that they are not similar to another mark in order to avoid causing confusion amongst customers. 

Your logo can not be trademarked.

Whilst Canva makes design accessible for everyone, there are limiations with what can be done with those designs. Designs can result in low quality work when it comes to print production as only certain file types can be exported and some designs may not present well on all screen orientations, shapes and sizes. Canva also lacks many of the capabilities that Adobe Illustrator (the graphic design industry standard software) possesses such as the ability to expand and manipulate text or create scalable vectors that can be edited easily at a later date. 

Canva logos lack professionalism.

Sorry to say, but it is easy to tell if a logo is DIYed and unprofessionally made using a template. When a business has a logo that connects with their consumer and identifies what they do at a glance, it certainly does stand out amongst those that have not put in the time and strategy to design something that they know is unique to them and their market. If you wanted to take a look at some custom created logos we have done for clients of The Ambitious Dietitian, take a look at some that have been showcased on the blog here. 

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There are some things that you should leave to the professionals, and your logo and branding assets are definitely some of those things. If you’d like to know more about how we can create a logo and branding for your business, find out more here: https://theambitiousdietitian.com/branding-and-website/

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