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About Your Nutrition Journey

Joanna is a Registered Dietitian, mom and a veteran. She began her business “Your Nutrition Journey” to  help her clients understand nutrition without all the nuanceand myths to sort through first. She meets her clients where they are to provide unique, individualized plans for nutrition. She takes a holistic wellness approach which includes: sleep, stress management, yoga and essential oils.

Joanna works with people of all ages in individual, couples or family sessions. Additionally she offers grocery store tours and presents workshops on nutrition topics for businesses. 

Website Design Creation

When you choose to engage our team for website design, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re embarking on a collaborative journey! One that wants to best showcase your digital presence and brand identity! We highlight that your brand is a reflection of your vision, values, and unique story for your business. This helps attract the right target audience for your dream clientele.

Joanna had just had her third baby when she sought out our help in building her website. She did her own branding and logo design and had professional photos taken. We knew that this Word Press website would be a home to show off her business on the internet and we didn’t take it lightly.


"About Me" Section

A woman sitting on a counter top holding a coffee cup with a J on it, an about me paragraph to the right

Did you know your “About Me” section on your website as an entrepreneur is a lot less about you than you’d think. You want to use this area to tell your target audience why they should trust you and your brand. Joanna did such a great job at doing just that. Plus, who wouldn’t trust a  smile that big.

A headline "More about me" with a numbered list 01. 02. 03 in red text and describing more

Freebie Template

Offering a freebie to your audience provides them with free helpful information relevant to your niche and gives them some buy in to what you’re trying to sell. For Joanna at Your Nutrition Journey, she is offering a snack guide and gives the audience the chance to get this for free while also getting their contact information (email). Now that’s a good deal!

A photo on the left of a woman's hand writing in a notebook with a cup of coffee next to it, text to the right with name and email entries

Home Page or "Landing" Page

Testimonials Template For Your Nutrition Journey

Finally, giving her future clients room on the page to brag about the success they have gotten from working with her. 
Nothing make us happier here at TAD than helping you help others. It is such a joy to see that “domino effect” and knowing that nutrition professionals really do make a difference!

A quote saying, "I went to the internet for information. How confusing that was..."

Wrapping Up The Website Design

When we finish working with someone new, we always get a bit sad. Just as you get to know your clients as a Dietitian, we get to know you when we work with you! Let’s be friends too.

Are you ready to give your business a look you’d be proud of that encapsulates your personality and appeals to the audience you want to attract, giving yourself the online presence it deserves in this current world where everything and everyone is online? 

We now have availability for new website builds. Will you be the next one? 

More information on our branding and website  packages are available here. 

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