How Do I Know If I’m Ready To Grow My Team

Making the decision to grow your team can seem daunting and overwhelming. Can you afford it? Do you need more hands on deck? Is it the right choice? Who should you hire?

The questions are endless, but the main question is this: how do you know if it’s time to grow your team?

1. You’re turning down work

Find yourself struggling to meet deadlines, keep up with existing work, and unable to take on new work that excites and interests you?

This is a great signal that it’s time to get some help and start hiring! Growing your team will allow you to delegate some of the less valuable or interesting work you’re spending time on, freeing you up to pursue new opportunities, or work more in line with your own skill set.

While hiring employees is an expense, you have to see it as an investment – after all, the time you now have freed up leaves you open to pursue potentially more rewarding (financially and mentally!) opportunities! It all levels out in the end – if you make smart hires as and when you need to.

2. You’re losing business

Find yourself unable to fit your existing clients into your crazy schedule? Starting to receive annoyed or angry emails about your lack of availability?

Now’s the time to grow your team! If you’re not able to find time to see your clients because you’re spending too much time doing the finances, marketing, admin or other tasks within your business, consider outsourcing or hiring someone to do these for you. These aren’t the big ticket items – you’re basically wasting time and money doing them yourself!

It would be much more efficient and effective to grow your team and delegate to others who can perform these tasks faster and potentially better than you can.

When you’re unable to fulfil your duties and commitments to your clients, and you begin to lose business, this is a sure signal you’re ready to grow your team.

3. You can easily identify a job description to fill

When you think about growing your team, does a position title or a job description of what you’d need immediately spring to mind? If so, this is a good signal you’re ready to hire.

If you can identify specific tasks, duties or skills you need help with or want someone else to take over, you know you’re not just hiring on a whim – you’re hiring out of necessity. Take the plunge, and get the help you know you need.

4. You’re ready to relinquish some control

Particularly if you run your own business, it can be all too tempting to try and put on all the different hats in business – the admin hat, finance hat, consulting hat, marketing hat. This way, you have total control over your business and your brand.

But when you recognise the need to loosen your tight grip just a little, and you feel ready to ask for (and accept!) help, acknowledging other people could potentially be more skilled than you are in some of these areas, this means you’re ready to grow your team.

You’ll have to put on your leadership hat (instead of many other hats!), and be prepared to let go, ask for what you need, and be open-minded enough to recognise when others have ideas or skills you don’t have yourself. Growing your team is actually a great opportunity to reconsider how you do business!

5. Your work is taking over your life

When was the last time you took time off? If it’s been over a year, or you’re finding your nights and weekends more and more taken up by your work, consider growing your team. While it’s fantastic to be passionate and motivated in your work, you need time off to rest and recover in order for you to be your best when you are working!

If this means growing your team so others can shoulder some of the workload and give you some time off, go for it! It’s a necessary step to preventing your own burnout and ensuring the longevity of your business in the future.

Growing your team is absolutely something to consider before diving into the deep end – staff can be expensive, require regular training and development, and at times can create more work for you. But they can also be an incredibly rewarding investment, providing so much value, new skills, personality and ideas to your business, and giving you more time, space and breathing room to work on the big-picture, high-value aspects of your business.

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