How To Sell With Confidence

When it comes to selling yourself and your services (or products), many people immediately cringe. How uncomfortable to have to promote and talk yourself up to prospective clients! But in reality, learning to sell with confidence is the difference between making or breaking sale after sale.

So invest the time and energy into learning how to sell with confidence and style, and put it into practice – you’ll reap the rewards in no time.

1. Fake it ’til you make it

Though you might not feel confident and ready to promote how fabulous you are, it’s important to act confident – at least on the outside.

Studies have actually shown that, given our brains are wired to seek consistency, if the way we act conflicts with the thoughts and beliefs in our head, our brains will actually seek ways to make the thoughts in your head fit with the story you’re telling others.

So basically if you act confident, in time you’ll feel more confident too! And confidence sells.

Think about it – last time someone convinced you to buy something, did they appear to have total faith in the product/service? Did they enthusiastically explain why you needed to make the purchase? Were they convincing and confident?

Realistically, if you’re not confident, you won’t make sales. So fake it until your confidence becomes real!

2. First impressions count!

Be sure to consider what first impression you’re leaving people with when you’re making a sale – first impressions count for far more than you realise! Body language, tone of voice, enthusiasm and (again) confidence make your sales pitch far more engaging and persuasive.

In fact, more often than not, it’s how you say something that convinces a client to make a purchase, not what you say!

Be sure to be comfortable, relaxed and positive when having your first encounter with a potential client – whether this be in a photo you post on Instagram, over a Zoom call, when selling in person, or even during a first consultation.

Make the first impression count in a positive way – leave them with a lasting impression that will give them no hesitation when it comes time to making the sale.

3. Develop an alter ego

Of course, for many people, confidence doesn’t come naturally, and nor does the ability to be extroverted enough to sell your own business or yourself! In fact, some people even feel like it’s an almost egotistical thing to do.

If this is you, that’s okay – here’s the solution! Develop an alter ego or persona that you can step into when it comes time to push for a sale. The alternate “you” should be an excellent salesperson, use convincing and strong language, carry themselves with confidence, and be equipped with the information and point of difference your services or products need to sell themselves.

Take the time to establish this alter ego very clearly in your mind. If it helps, even brainstorm a list of hobbies and interests this alternate you possesses… You should feel like you truly know them, almost as though they’re a close friend!

When you’ve developed this deep understanding of your alter ego, you’ll be able to step into this persona whenever you need to. Channel them when you’re making a sale, make the changes to your true self that you need to embody this alter ego – hold your head higher, speak more loudly and clearly, make your posture appear more proud.

This alter ego will help you smash your sales goals and ooze confidence!

4. Learn how to talk positively about yourself and your work

Whether it’s you or your new alter ego talking, speaking positively about yourself, your work, and what you have to offer is critical.

Learn to see yourself as an expert in your field – after all, it took a lot of study, assessments, effort, energy and money(!!) to get to where you are today! Whether you have a specialised niche or not, you’re a professional in your field, and you have earned the right to feel confident about yourself and your abilities.

Recognise the value you can add to people’s lives, and the information and ideas you can share with them that can potentially change their health and the way they live. This will help you develop a strong self-image, which translates into speaking positively about yourself when you’re selling to clients!

5. Learn how to communicate effectively

Surprisingly, when it comes to making a sale, listening is actually even more important than talking! If you listen to your potential client with avid interest, you can anticipate their wants and needs, as well as their objections and hesitations. This means you’ll be able to come up with solutions ahead of time, and appeal directly to their desires by personalising your sales pitch and technique.

Be sure to refer to your potential clients by name, and once you’ve listened and understood what they want from you, delve into specifics around how you are the right person to help them get exactly what they need.

Listening allows you to really appeal to the part of them (however small it may be) that wants to invest in your offering, so make the effort to tailor your selling approach based on what you’ve learned in your two-way communication with each client.

Selling with confidence can be scary and intimidating, but confidence is the vital piece of the puzzle in converting consideration into sales! Take the time to develop strategies (and personas!) to help you appear more confident when selling to clients – and before you know it, you’ll be feeling more confident too!

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