Why and How to Start a Podcast as a Dietitian Business Owner

Did you know upload frequency relates to following when we are talking about podcasting? So we can presume those that only post monthly have a smaller following and those that post weekly or thrice weekly have a banging following.

Have I gotcha?

You might be thinking, ah, podcasting. I could do a 30 min podcast weekly. I’ve got 30 minutes to record it. I can swing that into my schedule. You know though, we estimate that for every 30 minute recording you do, it will take you an extra 60 minutes to do those extra things.

What are they you ask? Everything that goes into pre and post production.

1. Research topic and pop down some dot points which you will discuss
2. Editing & Uploading
3. Write show notes
4. Promotion

“22 minutes is actually the gold standard for length of podcasts” Nikki O’Brien

So you’ve thought about it and you consider the time investment is going to outweigh the benefit and exposure to your business so you are ready to get your teeth stuck into podcasting. Where do you start?

Let’s look at what you need to podast first of all.

Firstly, you need to understand WHO you want to speak too and WHAT you want to speak about.

What kind of podcast do you want to run? Interview style, short, long, Q&A, you doing a monologue, are you going to have guests. These are all things to consider. Jotting down a few prompts or questions is going to be essential in the early days until the words are rolling off your tongue naturally.

Secondly, you need tech. Good news is though it can be done relatively easily and intuitively.

1. Laptop or phone or desktop
2. Microphone – Nikki recommends a Rhode one, specifically one that is dynamic rather than a condenser. Got that?
Top tip talk over your mic not into it.
3. Editing software eg: audacity
4. Media host which is the software that holds the files. We recommend Anchor.

Thirdly when it comes to recording, it is often best to do it in batches and make sure you have NO background noise. So if they neighbour just started up their lawnmower, your doing something else for the next hour. Ideally you want lots of soft furnishings in the room where you are recording so that there is no reverb into the microphone. Often it can help if you have lots of doona’s, pillows, quilts and towels laid around it. If you are a fan of Jenna Kutcher, this is why she records in her closet – all those clothes and carpet are there for a reason!

Now wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could just talk and publish? Well that’s not how it’s done I’m sorry so the next thing you need to set up is an intro and an outro. Ideally they are 15-30sec audio packages that have some royalty free music over the top of them. If you are looking for suitable royalty free music, try Audio Jungle or Art List.

So there you have it, what you need and the steps to take to get yourself set up and ready to podcast.

I wish you the best of luck and my final words for you are don’t forget to bring your personality into it.

If you are looking for someone to walk you through each of these steps, hold your hand and plan out your first 10 podcasts, watch a recording of our live session with Nikki O’Brien “How to….. Podcast workshop”. This is a hands on approach where you will actually be doing the work so you are set up, planned out and ready to go with your podcast.


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