Your Nutrition Business Dream is Possible

We are going to provide you with the foundations to be the CEO of your business so you can market it with confidence and clarity and minus the overwhelm and confusion. 



Your Time Won't Be Wasted!

This is your chance to work with us in a focused and targeted two week sprint to create your nutrition business marketing plan.

Meet Brianna, from one dietitian to another

Taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurship is scary, it’s overwhelming but it can also be fulfilling, rewarding and exciting to think about all the possibilities.

I’ve been a dietitian for 15 years working in private practice, the public system and employed privately. I’ve largely spent my career in outpatient care because I knew I didn’t want to be a hospital dietitian. I wanted to see people who willingly walked through the doors, excited about taking the next steps in their own health journey and I want you to  have this too – to be able to see patients you love, the ones that light you up and give you the pleasure you deserve. 

I have supported many dietitians and nutritionists to plan, start and grow their practices teaching the business skills that they don’t teach you at university. 

Whether you have just graduated, you are working in a job you hate or you are reassessing after starting or growing your family, I’m here to help you take that next step.

Brianna and Daniel are a wealth of information when it comes to all things business for Nutritionists. This program gave me clarity in formulating a business plan and getting clear on my message to my ideal client, I was able to refine some details on my website and social media strategies, and am currently working on my sales and marketing. I especially liked the weekly zoom meetings where we got a chance to talk about that week’s topic and get further clarification. If you are serious about starting a business and are not sure where to start, do this program with The Ambitious Dietitian, you will not be disappointed


Rule Your Future !!

Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve even tried to convince yourself sometimes that it would be easier if you actually just went and got a job!

“The Flourish program has been a fantastic investment in moving me forwards in my business and gaining the confidence to launch. Brianna is generous with her time and resources, and provides so much value for money in this program. It’s been so helpful having someone clearly outline the steps I need to take, and to nurture me through the process with answers to any questions that I have had. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to step into business feeling prepared and confident.”




your future

Fuelling Success is perfect for you if you see yourself....

1. You don’t want to sell your soul to the scroll any longer

2. You want to do what works to book real paying clients

3. You are sick of your marketing being a mess

4. Being organised in your business when it comes to your marketing plan

5. You don't like putting all your eggs in one basket and you want to explore a long term online AND offline marketing strategy

how to start your nutrition business

Meet Stacey, social media educator

The non-dietitian one around here. 

Stacey used to work in finance and spent most of those 17 years as a small business manager. These days, she is a social media marketer and content creator working with small business owners to create simple social strategies that actually work.

She focuses on getting social media into cruise control, gaining authentic, totally engaged followers who, just like that, convert into real clients.

Think it can’t be done? Or more to the point, think you can’t do it?

Think again! 

It 100% can be done and she’s here to teach you how. 

Fuelling Success is your opportunity to accelerate your nutrition business journey

Available for a limited time only

August 2023

Here's a look at what's possible.....

So why are you still running your business in a way that doesn't give you the best financial ROI and the freedom you deserve?

I've helped dietitians & nutritionists just like you......

Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy in just two weeks can be a challenging task, but it's possible with focused effort and effective planning.

DOORS CLOSE 6th August 20223

Fuelling Success

A focused and targeted two week sprint to create your nutrition business marketing plan.

2 weeks access to our online module, email support & a 90 minute 1:1 session with brianna & Stacey

$350.00 AUD

your future

At the end of our time together, you will be able to......

1. Clearly define what you do, who you do it for and the outcomes people can achieve when working with you.

2. Be confident in your offering and be ready to go to market with it.

3. Have established a marketing strategy to attract your dream clients.

it's closing soon!

what the heck are you waiting for?


If you are new to business and the world of entrepreneurship and marketing, you may need more 1:1 support and to develop your business knowledge before tackling more complicated marketing plans as we do in Fuelling Success. 

Having material to go over time and time again as your business evolves is important to us so you will have lifetime access to what is delivered however you will only have community support from Stacey and Brianna for two weeks unless to choose to continue to work with us. 

Your learning modules will be delivered online directly to your inbox. You will also be provided with a booking link to schedule in your 1:1 sessions and then you will recieve your personalised Trello boards.  

Do you want this for yourself?

I really enjoyed working with the team from the ambitious dietitian in their Flourish program. Brianna is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and always available for you if you have any questions. There was so much information provided – emails, weekly video sessions, links to additional resources. Although I couldn’t keep up with how much awesome information there was coming my way, I now have all the information and resources that I can refer back to when required.
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