Learn how to use food tracking and daily logs to support your clients using LogEat Pro

Do you integrate nutrition tracking/food logging in your practice? 

LogEat Pro is the latest in nutrition coaching technology that combines advanced nutrition tracking and client management software with a premium food logging experience that can be completed customized to the clients goals whether it be weight-loss, sports performance, or even intuitive eating (yes, it’s possible!)

Alisa is a Registered Dietitian, and together with her husband, this is their new baby. 

As a weight loss dietitian, Alisa had tried all the apps out there but none of them were amazing at everything she needed. So combined with her dietetics knowledge and her husband technological skills, LogEat Pro was made and what was thought be to an 6 month project, ended up turning into a 14+ month job. 

Good things happen to those who wait!

In this training, Alisa shows you how to use the program outlining all the features, how to onboard clients, manage your account and so much more. 

What’s great about it is that you as a dietitian nutritionist can use it to leverage nutrition tracking and provide more personalized guidance as a coach. You can provide personalized menu recommendations, ideas for food swaps based on food preferences, revamping family favorite recipes, provide a supplement protocol, and so much more.

Alisa shares below how you can use LogEat Pro to gain better nutrition insights and provide more value as a coach, while also teaching you how to streamline your workflows and get back more time in your day with their app.

So tune in and comment below letting me know how you think you can use LogEat Pro in your nutrition practice. 

Visit the website now for your free 30 day trial. conv

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