Meet Your Ambitious Team ~ Brianna Fear-Keen

I want to shine the light on these remarkable women in my team whose contributions have been essential to The Ambitious Dietitian’s journey and acknowledge we would not be where we are today without the village we have created.

This blog series aims to spotlight the wonderful humans who have helped shape our success and the supportive community we’ve built.

Let’s get to know them a little better. 

Meet Brianna

how to start your business as a dietitian

Brianna is the founder here at The Ambitious Dietitian. A business she started when she was pregnant with twins, and she had 2 other young ones too. Probably not the smartest idea to start a business at that time, but she survived and then went on to start her own private practice business whilst on maternity leave with 4 kids under 5years of age! 

The biggest challenge she has right now is working in both businesses and getting through the work she has each day whilst trying to also keep her kids off the ipads. It’s certainly a juggle, one that I’m sure all working mums can relate too. 

Initially TAD was started with Brianna and her husband Daniel who still does some work in the business, but mainly concentrates on his own business which has allowed Brianna to grow the TAD team and give opportunities to other business owners which she is passionate about.

How would you describe your role within The Ambitious Dietitian? 

I’m your business side-kick and I’m not going to be the one who tells you that you need to earn the most amount of money in the least amount of time. I will though help guide and teach you the business skills you were never taught at uni and I will make sure you are the dietitian who gets to do the work you love, who gets to balance life and work and who has a business that fulfills your soul and makes you proud to be a dietitian. 


What inspired your to start The Ambitious Dietitian?

It was when I was doing interviews for a new grad dietitian in my old job where I was interviewing dietitians that were 2-3-4 years post graduation yet still applying for new grad positions and working the same jobs they had to support themselves through uni. I came home and said to my husband, why aren’t they working in a job they love when I know there are so many other people, far less qualified than them? Why can’t we help them, give them the confidence and show them how to start their own business. So we combined my dietetic industry knowledge with his business expertise and formed The Ambitious Dietitian. 


What do you love most about your your role?

There is so, so much to love. 

I call myself the inspiration officer because I would like to think that I play a role in inspiring dietitians to live the life they love. 

There are so many opportunities out there right now and it’s often confidence that people lack, so watching them bloom is amazing and so rewarding. 

I really do have the opportunity to make a real difference to peoples lives and what could be better than that? 


Can you share a success story or a memorable client interaction you have had in your role/career? 

How can I pick just one? 

My story is that I was in a job that didn’t work for my family. The hours, the commute, the late nights, the weekend work, how I was treated, the workload and I got out. Establishing my business was my exit plan. So for me to be able to help any other dietitian or nutritionist out there who is unhappy in their position to put the wheels in motion to take control and better their own life is the only success I want for them. For every dietitian and nutritonist to have choices. To do the work they love, to see the patients that light them up and work the hours that fit in around their family so they can have longevity in the career and profession they worked so hard to have. 


How do you maintain work-life balance?

 Um, I don’t. 

There, I said it. 

When I quit my salaried job and people said what are you going to do now, my answer actually was “watch Netflix” because I’d spent years listening to shows with one ear while I typed away with a screen on my lap. 

Honestly, I try to work school hours. Don’t all mums with 4 kids? 

I run two businesses as I still work half the week as a dietitian. 

This year we started with 17 hours a week of therapy and sport between me and the kids. That’s pretty much 2 whole working days. So I really do need to clock off at 2:45pm and I am pretty good at that and not taking on work of an afternoon. 

I don’t have emails on my phone so I’m not tempted to work while out and about.  Highly recommend this too BTW. 

BUUUUUUUT once they are all in bed and I’ve walked my 5km with the neighbours (or done our weekly PT), I’ll jump back on the computer and finish up what needed to be finished for the day and sometimes that means I’m still sitting there at midnight. 

This year I have tried to prioritise sleep a little more, watching Netflix without another screen in front of me, meal prep on the weekends so when we get home of a night time at ridiculous o’clock, we are all sorted and tracked my steps because I sit for way too long in a day. I’m proud to say my average for the last month is 9000 steps which really isn’t too bad I don’t think given the work I do. 

Can you share one business tip that’s really made a difference in your business journey. 

Firstly, you are always where you are meant to be. Something that I inherited from one of my business coaches. 

There is always going to be people ahead of you, there is always going to be people who are where you are in business and there is always going to be people behind you who haven’t started yet.

Don’t compare your day 1 to someone else’s year 5.  It’s hard to take your own advice, but the only race you are running is your own. I know myself, and the good ol comparison is the thief of joy scenario just doesn’t help anyway. You can’t always compare apples with apples.   Back in the day I used to compare myself, a working mum of 4, all under 5years, working PT in a paid role, PT in TAD and also establishing my own private practice. Yes, I probably grew slower than others, but I valued my time as a mum. I needed my salary to feed 4 kids and pay the mortgage. How could I compare my journey with someone else who say had no kids, unlimited hours to spend in their business, limited overheads/no mortgage so could reinvest in their business much quicker? 

You just do you and what feels good to you and keep that vision you have front and centre of your mind. Take one step at a time. Forward is forward.         

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