Meet Your Ambitious Team ~ Carlea O’Byrne

I want to shine the light on these remarkable women in my team whose contributions have been essential to The Ambitious Dietitian’s journey and acknowledge we would not be where we are today without the village we have created.

This blog series aims to spotlight the wonderful humans who have helped shape our success and the supportive community we’ve built.

Let’s get to know them a little better. 

Meet Carlea

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Carlea (pronounced Karly) is a mum of three, living the semi-rural dream with her husband and extended family close by with a motley crew of pets too.

She started her career in retail advertising, managing David Jones print, TV and online advertising campaigns for fashion, homewares and beauty. This is where she fell in love with graphic design.

Free time? I have a 4 year old little shadow so that rarely happens. On the occasional chance the kids are occupied and I get free time to myself, you can find me getting crafty with polymer clay making earrings and other trinkets.

Wellness practice – I make time for at least 2x walks a week with a friend. It’s walking therapy where we, as mums, get to vent out everything from kids to work to life in general sharing all the ups and downs. I also love going to the gym as I share this time with my almost 15 year old – so it’s beneficial for both of us fitness wise and valuable one-on-one time.

How would you describe your role within The Ambitious Dietitian? 

In house graphic designer and website creator.


What inspired your to join our team? 

The opportunity to do what I love in a field I love and connect with. I get to help people build their dreams through creative problem solving within a team of supportive and inspiring business women. Plus, it’s been an added bonus working with a long time friend. Helping each other build our dream and create successful businesses.


What do you love most about your craft?

Problem solving through creative design and being able to bring to life what a client is envisioning. I love how when brand is created, it translates into so many forms that helps brings a business to life.

Can you share a success story or a memorable client interaction you have had in your role/career? 

I have had many a client say “you just get it”. I love the moments when I can connect the puzzle pieces and create what the client wants, sometimes before they even realise that’s what they want. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience this a lot in my time with TAD.


How do you maintain work-life balance or manage stress related to work? 

I dont… but you gotta love what you do otherwise it’s a burden on work life and family life.


Can you share one business tip that’s really made a difference in your business journey. 

It’s not all smooth sailing. Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses. Remember your why and always remember to take a moment for yourself when things just start piling up or get overwhelming.

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