Meet Your Ambitious Team ~ Karen Vivarelli

I want to shine the light on these remarkable women in my team whose contributions have been essential to The Ambitious Dietitian’s journey and acknowledge we would not be where we are today without the village we have created.

This blog series aims to spotlight the wonderful humans who have helped shape our success and the supportive community we’ve built.

Let’s get to know them a little better. 

Meet Karen

Karen is a working mum to two daughters, a wife, online business growth strategist, coach and social media manager, coffee connoisseur, lover of all things slow mornings and snuggling with her kids.

The inspiration for starting her business began when she was made redundant from her corporate job while in the early stages of pregnancy with baby number two. Shocked at first, she knew this was a sign to break free from the standard 9 to 5 office job and started exploring flexible working from home opportunities. From virtual assistant to online business manager to business coach, she discovered a new love of creativity and social media!

It was then that she found her new passion and thrived. And in just a couple of years, she has established herself as the go-to expert, growth strategist and coach for other entrepreneurs all over the world interested in learning how to start, grow and scale their own successful online business.

Fun fact: Life before building her business and having kids included living and working in an Arabian desert called Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for 6 years and working in the finance & legal industry. As you can imagine, she met so many incredible people from diverse cultures and loved every minute of it!

How would you describe your role within The Ambitious Dietitian? 

I’m excited to be part of the team as TAD’s resident expert in social media marketing for nutrition based coaches and consultants. I’m here to lessen the learning curve and help business owners to create consistent content that increases their sales, visibility, audience and impact. I’m here to support them in their business to start and grow their online presence with simple and effective strategies. Being part of a community helps us all to thrive!


What inspired your to join our team? 

I love helping and teaching business owners use organic social media to market their business. I know that social media can feel daunting at first and so it’s all about showing my clients how to use it easily and effectively to help them market their business across multiple platforms.


What do you love most about your craft?

I love online business and social media marketing because right now we have an incredible opportunity to grow our businesses using organic social media methods. (Organic means we don’t pay to post content we can do that for free or use paid ads.) Using social media means we can funnel your potential clients to your website, services, and packages.

Your social media can be like a website meaning that people can purchase your offers straight away.

I also love that business systems set up in the backend of your business can be automated and streamlined so that when people find you online they can automatically book in a call with you, buy your package or join your community, all without you manually having to do everything.


Can you share a success story or a memorable client interaction you have had in your role/career? 

I had a client who came to me with a small Instagram audience – she had 900 followers on Instagram and 1,000 people inside of her private Facebook Group. I helped her strategise her new offer, I helped create the graphics and social media posts to go with it and set up her sales funnel system in the backend so people can find and buy it easily. With her new plan, she went on to promote that offer using organic social media on 3 platforms and had a successful week just from selling that one offer. She also increased her visibility across all social media platforms and had people reaching out to her to enquire about her other offers. It was a lot of fun to help her with this and see her go on to positively impact the lives of so many in her community.


How do you maintain work-life balance or manage stress related to work? 

I’ve created my business so I can have the freedom and flexibility to work around my family and lifestyle and not the other way around. It’s important for me to be able to drop my kids off at school in the morning, pick them up at the end of the day for after school activities, help with homework and anything else they need. I’m very organised in my business and use an app called Asana to keep all of my tasks and projects on track. And I make sure everything is planned in advance. I use time blocking to stay focused and batching for similar tasks like content creation where I’ll dedicate a few hours or a day to creating content for my clients. It’s important for me to have time each day to meditate, exercise, read and just breathe to unwind and reset for the next day.


Can you share one business tip that’s really made a difference in your business journey. 

Coaching and mentorship has made a huge difference in my business. It can feel lonely building and growing a business on your own and you can fall into the trap of overthinking everything. But when you have someone who you can talk to, brainstorm ideas with, and who helps you stay accountable, they can help you fast-track the progress of your business. When I have worked with a coach, they help me to stay motivated and focused on the actual activities that will move my business forward profitably instead of getting stuck in the busy work that doesn’t move the needle in my business. I highly recommend working with someone who has been where you are and has achieved what you want to achieve – they’ve travelled the path before you, have usually made all of the mistakes and can help you get there faster.


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