Meet Your Ambitious Team ~ Tenai Seymour

I want to shine the light on these remarkable women in my team whose contributions have been essential to The Ambitious Dietitian’s journey and acknowledge we would not be where we are today without the village we have created.

This blog series aims to spotlight the wonderful humans who have helped shape our success and the supportive community we’ve built.

Let’s get to know them a little better. 

Meet Tenai


Tenai is a multi-award-winning national and international digital  marketing consultancy specialising in Facebook and Instagram (Meta) and Spotify advertising.  She utilises her marketing and psychology degree to create compelling advertising strategies informed by behavioural science. She used to teach and compete in aerials but has just purchased herself a horse for her 40th birthday so she can get back into something she loved before having kids. 

She also has to have her sauce on the side of her eggs bene…. because aint nobody got time for soggy toast! 

I used to teach and compete in aerials, I have just purchased myself a horse for my 40th birthday to get back into something I loved prior to having kids. I have to have my sauce on the side with my eggs bene…. aint nobody got time for soggy toast!

How would you describe your role within The Ambitious Dietitian? 

I come in and sprinkle that Meta Magic once all of the other marketing activities and funnels are set up and working well. Creating compelling advertising strategies informed by human behavioural science – thats why our ads work!


What inspired your to join our team? 

Who wouldn’t want to work with a team of other experts in their field – each bringing their own unique set of skills to the table.


What do you love most about your craft?

DATA – being able to verify what is working and what isn’t based on data and then being able to interpret that data to improve performance.


Can you share a success story or a memorable client interaction you have had in your role/career? 

I was contacted by the CEO of ADHD WA, a not for profit organisation who were steered in my direction after a recommendation. In 2022 they launched their inaugural conference and less than a month out were struggling to hit the break even point. We implemented an emergency strategy to help not only get bums on seats for the event but to introduce it virtually. They surpassed the breakeven point within 10 days of running ads and had a healthy profit margin. 2023 Ads Haus was engaged again, this time implementing a longer term strategy to really make an impact, the costs per result dropped and they achieved SELL OUT stage very early on. The Strategy utilised and results achieved over these two years were submitted in a number of industry awards as a case study and Ads Haus (from the small town of Stanthorpe QLD) won Gold at the International Titan Awards, became a finalist for the Australian Small Business Awards and won or placed at a number of categories for the Stevie and Beam Awards. 2024 is shaping up to be even bigger for this client, we are part way through the strategy and the cost per result is approx half of what we saw in 2022, we are setting the stage for another record year from a very minimal annual budget off approx 2K


How do you maintain work-life balance or manage stress related to work? 

I bought myself a horse to force myself to focus on getting out of my home office and to set time aside for myself. I also try to program little trips away with the family so I have little wins throughout the year to look forward to.


Can you share one business tip that’s really made a difference in your business journey. 

Don’t try and do it all yourself – outsource – in the end it will save you so much time, money and sanity and allow you to focus more on what you are best at


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