5 Secrets To Getting Your Name Out There In The Dietetics Industry

The dietetics industry can seem impossible to stand out. It’s difficult to get your name out there as a dietitian nutritionist, and separate yourself from the growing number of people working in the industry. But it can be done! Here are 5 secrets to making your mark in the industry.

1. Network

It may seem obvious, but so many people let this one defeat them, when it’s possibly the most important step of all! Networking doesn’t necessarily mean attending industry events and forcing yourself to talk to total strangers. It can come in the form of reaching out to people via messages on social media, connecting on LinkedIn, or even interning if you’re a student.

Whatever method works for you, make sure you put your best foot forward whenever you’re making connections in the industry, because you never know what potential a strong connection could offer you in the future. Make sure you’re engaging, passionate and informed when you’re connecting with others in the industry, and don’t be afraid to ask others if they have any opportunities for you coming up! Be open, honest and authentic, and take an active interest in others in the industry – many dietitians love to share their stories and talk about their work!

Take the time to network, and you’ll reap the rewards forever. Remember, not every job or opportunity is advertised, sometimes you have to forge connections and take things into your own hands.

2. Social Media

Social media is such a powerful tool for helping you get your name out there. Think about it – you have access to an endless amount of people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to communicate with, so take advantage of this!

Whether you opt for sponsored posts and stories on Instagram, authentic and organic posting, or establish an online Facebook community of like-minded people, using social media to get your name out there is really powerful. Not only will you be exposed to endless potential clients who can discover your work, passions and how you can help them, you can also get your name out there among others within the industry – opening up a whole world of opportunities!

If you are looking for a community of dietitians and nutritionists to add to your tribe, visit our Dietitians in Business Community Facebook Group for ongoing trainings, support and connections —> https://www.facebook.com/groups/231331914228762 

3. Market to a Niche

When you’re trying to build personal brand awareness, often it’s tempting to market yourself to the masses, in the hope of attracting as much interest as you can. But often, this isn’t the most effective use of your time or resources.

Instead, focus on getting your name out there amongst your chosen niche. Tailor your messaging and activities towards a specific group of people you hope to foster connection and consideration amongst, and you’ll find you resonate much more powerfully than if you’d sent out vague, broad messaging to as many people as you could.

4. Collaborate

For collaborations to be successful, you must first network. Find someone within the industry (or several someones) who align with the work you’re passionate about or focused on, and come up with creative ways to collaborate and work together to get your name out there to more people. Whether you do an Instagram live with another nutrition professional, work with a brand on content or recipes, or join forces with a fellow dietitian in clinical services in a similar area to your passion, take the time to plan a considered approach to collaboration, to ensure your efforts have the maximum impact possible.

Think about it – it can be mutually beneficial if you team up with another health professional to post across both of your socials about collaborative work you’re doing together, allowing you both to access a whole new market and audience, and really allowing you to get your name out there! Think cooperation, not competition!

5. Continue to educate yourself

Continuing to educate yourself on specifics within the industry – whether this be related to your niche, business workshops, psychology seminars, or anything focused on continuous development – is a great opportunity to get your name out there in the industry.

While it gives you the chance to network with like-minded people in the same area as you, it also gives you the means of differentiating yourself from the crowd. If you’re always evolving, up to date with the latest research and methods in the industry, and always offering your audience and clients something new, innovative and interesting, you’ll naturally be able to get your name out there far more easily – especially since you now have an excellent point of difference! Not only this, it could really benefit your business skills and potential success at the same time…

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