A Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

Email marketing provides you with an opportunity to build a relationship and engage with your community through email. It involves using a service provider to obtain and store their email address which then allows you to automate the sending of your emails to them at the time and frequency of your choice.

More often than not, someone visits your website and then leaves and never comes back, right? By obtaining their email address, you now have a way to communicate with them time and time again. You now have several opportunities to get in front of them as many times as you want and redirect them back to your website and all that valuable and inspirational content you have such as blog posts, products, freebies etc. We call these people your warm audience- someone who has signed up because they are interested in you and your work and they want to stay connected to you.

Here’s 5 steps you can take to start building your email list today.

1. Create an account with a service provider
Some email marketing providers we recommend are Mailchimp, Active Campaign, ConvertKit or Drip.

2. Collect email address

This is often done by creating a pop up or opt in form on your website (this can be done via the service provider or directly from your website). It is well known that someone has to see something 7 times to take action so you may consider having additional opt ins throughout your site.

3. Add an incentive

These are otherwise known as a lead magnet, a small informational gift that encourages someone to join your list. Some good incentives I’ve come across include:

– workbooks (business plan)
– e books (recipe books)
– printables (meal plans)
– How to…… (fuel my body for optimal performance)
– email course or challenge (build your email list)
– video training or tutorial (mindfulness)

4. Welcome sequence

Once you have provided your new subscribers with the incentive they registered for, I would suggest following that up with an automated welcome sequence that contains 3-5 emails over the next week or so.

The format I use is:

a. Day 0: Welcome and thank you and provide them with the download
b. Day 1: Follow up and a story about me
c. Day 2: Value added content and a bit about The Ambitious Dietitian
d. Day 5: Make an offer

“Your existing and future customers are likely to be the ones who are on your list today”

I like to have a call to action in each of my emails where you help direct your audience to what you would like them to do. For example, head on over and follow us on our socials with a hyperlink to each of our channels, schedule in a FREE Plan, Start & Grow Session. Always know what you are trying to funnel your clients into before you start writing your email sequence. 

5. The art of selling

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to that one salesy email…..

– Try to have a sentence near the top of the email with a link to what it is you’re selling.
– Do you have an explanation of what the product or service is (its features)?
– Did you include a clear list of the benefits someone will get if they buy?
– Can you include some case study’s from people who’ve bought before?
– A call to action with another link to ask for the sale. Here you might also let people know if there’s a deadline to buy.
– Do you offer any guarantees for your product/service?

5. Nurture sequence

You might like to send your email list regular communication about you and/or your business such as weekly newsletters, blog post notifications or maybe an offer. This is to keep building brand awareness and provide value to the customer without being to salesy. When ever you create a new incentive/lead magnet, share it with them, no opt in required, just because you care about them. When ever you have an inspiring story to share, tell them about it. When ever your hosting a cooking demo or supermarket tour or workshop, let them know and continue to keep them in the loop, long after they have subscribed.

So there you have it. Our tried and tested action plan to start getting subscribers on your email list.

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