Is Your Website Working For You?

Last updated 6/6/2024

It’s 2024 and now more than ever before, having an online presence is paramount for your nutrition business! Here at The Ambitious Dietitian we look at your website as being a home base for where people can discover you. A website allows visitors to learn what you do and how you can help them. Most importantly they learn how they can start working with you.

So how do you know if your website works?

There is a lot of strategy around creating a professional website that is highly functional for your nutrition business and converts your visitors into buyers. For my fellow Dietitians, I like to use the analogy, we have evidenced based guidelines for seeing clients and in the same way there is best practice for your website design too!

How do you know if your website is where it needs to be?
Have you ever had a client tell you how much they love your website? That’s one way to know it’s on brand and converting visitors into new clients. If you’re not hearing feedback about your website like, “I love your website”, then you’ve got some work to do!

Why does your website still matter?

You might be thinking, you don’t need a website because you have a social following, but that is just not true. People who want to see your day to day life will follow your socials, people who want to buy from you or become your client will want to see a website.

Not to mention if Instagram and Facebook shut down and you didn’t have a website, your business would be obsolete. While your website is something YOU own and no-one can take that away from you. No-one other than you can shut down your website. You also don’t need to compete with algorithm changes or being blocked or anything you aren’t in control of unlike social media.

Website traffic

You don’t need a ton of traffic, you just need some. The best ways to get traffic (or people) to your website is through optimizing it for Google to want to show your business website to people looking for your niche! If you have a blog on your website that drives traffic to it and increases your SEO (or search engine optimization) through niche topics relevant to your target audience. You also want to have some SEO inbuilt into your website that drives traffic back to it.
You could then use your other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Facebook to send those platform viewers to your website! Once someone lands on your website though, do they convert into buyers or clients? That is specifically what Katrina, our copywriter, who works with our website designer does. She SEO optimises your copy and makes sure it is written in a way that converts. 


When it comes to website traffic, blogging is one of the best tools you have to build your business! It’s up to you to drive traffic to that blog through other marketing channels + your SEO keywords. A blog helps to establish you as the nutrition expert and if you’re the expert on this topic why wouldn’t Google want to send their audience to you? It’s a bonus that blog content can also be repurposed across other platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Saving you time and potentially money!

Revamp your “About” Page

Did you know your “about” page isn’t really about YOU at all? It is more about your audience and what you can do for them. What they want to know is:

  • Have you been there before?
  • Can you help them solve their problems?
  • What they need to know about who you are so that you can help them with their problem.

    We always sell through solving a problem and providing the most value we can give to our clients.

Discovery Call

This is the FREE bit of time you spend with a new client to convert them into a paying client. Also known as your sales call. I don’t necessarily suggest this to everyone because it depends on your business model. However, if you are a Dietitian who is selling high ticket items or programs/packages that means people will work with you for an extended length of time, then I suggest you see if they are a good fit for you first.

People are way more likely to work with you if they have actually talked to you in person or virtually. This gives them the opportunity to ask all their questions and tell you their concerns. Remember that people are looking for reasons to not work with you (a lack of confidence will be one reason they chose not to proceed), so keep the conversation upbeat, positive and show that you can help them solve their problem. So make it CLEAR for them how they can book this and make it EASY for them to do so from your website.

Start tweaking your website with the above tips.
Play around, test it out until you hear people saying, “I love your website” and then you’ll know that you’ve done it right!

Want more?

If you need help in starting up a new website for your nutrition business, click here to learn more.

If you have a website and need more customized support in optimizing it for it to be convert your audience into buyers, click here to schedule a 30 min call with me, Brianna!

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