Nail your Niche

Nail your Niche


Each and every one of you needs a niche and working out what that is for you should be one of the foundational steps for you in your business as you start out. 

When you try to attract everyone, your message resonates with no-one. By focusing on one person, you are helping yourself to be laser focused on what that person needs and wants.


how to start your business as a dietitian

It’s time to understand your niche!

There’s no need to overcomplicate this. A niche is simply a set of related topics that revolve around a problem or a community. Your niche doesn’t define you and it doesn’t put you in a box. It positions you as an expert in nutrition, and experts have specialties.

In order for you to stick out in a saturated market, you have to become an authority based on personality, purpose, and promise of what you’re going to deliver to the customer and the problem you solve for them while taking them from A to B in their health journey.

Join this 5 part training and equip yourself with the knowledge and know how to settle on a niche you are happy with so you can speak to that one client you want to be attracting. By knowing who you are talking too, your marketing messaging will resonate, and you can focus on strategies that target your ideal client.


Here’s what you will learn:

Why you need to niche down , who your audience is and the problem you solve for them.

How to monetise your passion & grow your community.

How to attract your ideal clients, have greater impact and generate income for your business.

Nail your Niche 5 dayTraining

What You’ll Get

5 days of training delivered to your inbox with accompanying worksheets and workbooks.


Day 1: What is a niche

Day 2: Common mistakes people make when niching down

Day 3: What is your why?

Day 4: Who is your audience and what problem do you solve?

Day 5: Developing your own client articulation statement.



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