Plan your 2023 Marketing Workshop

dietitian private practice business plan

It's that time of the year.......

how to start your business as a dietitian

You reflected on the year you have had and you are not quite where you wanted to be

how to start your business as a dietitian

You wanted something different, but went about doing business the same way you had been before

how to start your business as a dietitian

You had the ideas, but got lost spending time in client delivery all day every day

Without a plan, you plan to fail.

Now's the time to do things differently for next year.

All of you dietitians and nutritionists out there, the end of the calendar year is the best time of the year to start planning your marketing strategy for the following year.

Invest time into your business, looking at the bigger picture and being strategic about where you want to be spending your time in your business. It's about working out what you want and how you will get achieve your goals.

If you don't spend time in your business, you are limiting it's potential to grow!

how to start your business as a dietitian

Since starting The Ambitious Dietitian, I've worked with hundreds of dietitians and nutritionists who have had grand ideas, yet stumble at the execution and wonder why their business is floundering. They are always chasing new clients, filling their day with new and review patients and wondering why they are stuck doing all the work long after their client load has finished for the day, or they neglect the non clinical work in their business. You see, they forget to look at the bigger picture and how they can adopt more sustainable business models. Every business needs a CEO and you, can't necessarily be a full time dietitian and the CEO. Who is steering your ship?

Let's put you back in charge

In this 2 hour workshop, we are going to show you how you can build and plan 2023 marketing strategy so you can say goodbye to being reactive in your business and hello to achieving your success metrics. 

What to expect......

how to start your business as a dietitian

Map out your marketing plan with your own Trello board

how to start your business as a dietitian

Set realistic goals

how to start your business as a dietitian

Time to ask Brianna & Stacey all your questions and get feedback on your plan

how to start your business as a dietitian

Walk away with with a clear list of priorities you are working towards

how to start your business as a dietitian

Better understanding for how you can achieve your goals

how to start your business as a dietitian

Small intimate group to help you network with your colleagues

$50 AUD

It was extremely useful! I wrote down some great tidbits that answered my questions but also helped me to organise my thoughts. Thank you so so much for the opportunity.
Registered Dietitian

Do you feel like there is a better way to growing your business and you have realised that you need to spend more time ON your business, rather than seeing clients all day long? 

Book your spot

Because once you have your strategy worked out, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to implement so you can be the CEO in your business that your business needs. You can scale your practice and start to outsource the things that are going to allow your business to grow and meet your financial goals. 


If this is something you are ready to jump on board with to inject much needed money into your business as we near the end of the year, join our interactive, map it all out workshop on Thursday 8th December, 11:00-1:00pm AEST



  1. When is the workshop? Thursday 8th December from 11am til 1pm Brisbane, AEST time. 
  2. Do I need to bring anything? Make sure you have good WiFi, brainstorm all your ideas beforehand and have an account with Trello so you can access your planning board. 
  3. How interactive is the session? There will be breakout times for you to action what we have been talking about and opportunities for you to bounce ideas around with all other participants. 
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