Let's Get It Done with a

Power Session

This get it done session can help you with business strategy, getting unstuck or breaking through some of those limiting thoughts that are stopping you from moving forward in your business.

Each Power Hour Session will be different


That’s because they are led by you, tailored to you and based on your needs at that very point in time. Together, we’ll create a session that’s laser focused on what needs your attention the most.

A Power Hour session is for you if you:

Have an idea but aren’t quite sure on where to start

Already have a business as a dietitian or nutritionist and need an outside perspective

You aren’t hitting your financial goals you want to but don’t know what to do about it

You need new ideas to give your business a new lease of life and get it moving forward again

Are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, or on the verge of it all. We’ll look at ways in which you can achieve more balance in work and life

Don’t feel like you have a distinct path ahead of you. We’ll look at how to gain the clarity you need so that you have a plan of action and clear goals to aim for

What you’ll get during a Power Hour session with me:


60 minutes 1:1 session with Brianna focusing on these key areas: clarity on who and how, service offering, developing 6-12 month marketing plans for you to implement

Pre session questionnaire to identify the focus for our hour together

Written summary

Video recording of the session so you can go back to it any time

Action plan

Note: A maximum of 3 Power Hour sessions can be booked per person/business in each calendar year

How can I help?

During our session, I’ll strive to add value to you and your business. Giving you ideas and actionable items to takeaway and implement.

Ways you can use the Power Hour include:

Identifying your niche and profiling your ideal client

Review your pricing strategy & service offerring

Map out a 6 month marketing strategy

Brainstorm strategies to grow your email list

Construct a plan to go to market with your offering

Get unstuck with something that has been bothering you

Find clarity, focus and direction

Help you balance life and work whilst prioritising what is important to you

“We provide personalised support, guidance and mentorship from people who love to motivate and encourage other dietitians to succeed and crush their goals. We want to help and guide you to build a fulfilling and inspiring business that will also allow you flexibility to be present in your life.”


How it Works

Step 1 - Book Your Session

Simply purchase your session by clicking the link below

Step 2 - Tell Me About You

You will receive a questionnaire to complete prior to our session which will guide us during our time together enabling us to get completely focused on the areas you want to discuss

Step 3 - Let's Do This

You’ll get a link to my diary so you can schedule your hour with Brianna

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