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The Ambitious Dietitian

TAD was founded in 2017 as a way to help dietitians early on in their career create a business for themselves so they could do the work they are most passionate about rather than waiting years for the perfect job to come to them and competing against hundreds of other new grads while they continued to work in their part time jobs that got them through university. After successfully helping many dietitians early in their career, we decided to create a community for all dietitians at all different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

So they could again, do the work they were most passionate about, but one that also fit into their life, their family and their values.

Through The Ambitious Dietitian Community Facebook group, TAD aims to build a community of dietitians and nutritionists who feel supported and thrive in their journey  as a business owner arming them with the skills and know how to do business the way that feels good to them so they can be “uniquely successful”.

how to start your nutrition business

I'm Brianna


I welcome you into my world

I am the proud founder of The Ambitious Dietitian where I equip dietitians with the right support, the right resources and mentoring to thrive. I want dietitians to embrace challenges, make something of their own, succeed and actually enjoy the process of being in business.

Whether you have just graduated, you are working in a job you hate or you are reassessing after starting or growing your family, I’m here to help you take that next step.

I believe....

dietitians can learn anything, we’re smart cookies right? You deserve to know all the tools and strategies that will make your business thrive.

I know....

there are no two businesses that are exactly the same. We will find exactly what does and doesn’t work for you and your biz.

I help....

you gain the confidence you need to do business your way.
Our programs focus around guiding you to build the business of your dreams. I’ve built two businesses whilst working part time on top of it all AND I have 4 kids. I’ve supported my family financially doing exactly what I love and now I’ve created the life where I’m mum when I need to be mum and CEO when I’m not mum. I tell you this because your dream too is possible and I’m here to show you step by step how to make it happen.

“We provide personalised support, guidance and mentorship from people who love to motivate and encourage other dietitians & nutritionists to succeed and crush their goals. We want to help and guide you to build a fulfilling and inspiring business that will also allow you flexibility to be present in your life.”

The Ambitious Dietitian

I'm Carlea


I’m Carlea. I’m a Creative Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Builder for those in the health and wellness industry with a passion for print, and digital design. Whether you aim to inspire, inform, problem solve or captivate your audience, my goal is to understand the vision that drives your business and creates products that will help strengthen your brand and identity online and offline. 

I believe....

your brand identity sets you apart from others in your industry doing what you do, bringing your own personal touch that guides what people think, feel and remember about you and your brand

I know....

your brand is unique to you and I want to communicate you and your business to your audience so you can connect

I help....

dietitians and nutritionist create all of the visual elements of their brand so they can be recognised in a saturated environment


I'm Katrina


I’m Katrina, your Copywriter. Getting the right words is powerful, and I love seeing the transformation and confidence that having a great website brings to our clients’ businesses.

As an SEO and conversion copywriter, my life revolves around research – super-stalking your clients – to make sure every word is put on the page for a reason. And the reason is to help the right people to click the “book now” button!

As an ex-dietitian, I know the profession like the keys on my keyboard!

I believe....

The right copy will have your ideal client clicking the book now button!

I know....

As an ex-dietitian I know the industry and the important role you play in your clients life, I also know that with the right words you can get your point of difference out there in the world via your website and other marketing materials.

I help....

Health and Wellness professionals, with SEO and conversion website copy, Blogs, Lead magnets and follow-up email sequences.


I'm Tenai


I am Tenai a multi-award-winning national and international digital marketing consultancy specialising in Facebook and Instagram (Meta) and Spotify advertising..  Utilising my marketing and psychology degree to create compelling advertising strategies informed by behavioural science.

I believe....

You don’t need big bucks to get results, but you do need your marketing ducks in a row before adding that Meta Magic

I know....

Not everyone is into the data, I get it – but the devil is in the details, and the details equal $$$.

I help....

With top-tier social advertising backed by behavioural science, offering social media advertising, coaching, strategy and retainers that deliver results.

Minus hefty minimum ad budgets.

Minus cookie cutter-creatives.

Minus vanity metrics & limited contact. 


you'll love them all

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