What Does Success Look Like For You?

Thrive, a 6 month 1:1 high touch coaching program for dietitians and nutritionists starting their business. 

let's create success your way...

I’m going to take you from employed or unemployed to self employed, teaching you how to attract your ideal clients, make more money and create a thriving practice that feels good to you.

What if I told you, building a business at any stage in your dietetics career is possible?

If you are a new grad → you can do it

If you are sick of your salaried job and want an exit plan → you can do it

If you are struggling with the demands of your job and your family commitments → you can do it your way

You might be thinking yeah right....

However, with the right support, the guidance of knowing what to do and a little effort on your part, we can do this.

→ I know you’ve got a little idea in the back of your mind you want to explore.

→ You vision your life to be different to what it is now. But you just don’t know where to start.

→ You’re ready to wake up feeling energised about the work you’re doing.

→ You dread your boss and having to go to THAT work again.

→ You dream of working around kid’s life – school, sport, playdates, appointments and the rest.

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about....

How you are going to fill your diary each week

How confused you are by all the tech in your business that doesn’t seem to be making your life easier right now

How to create a seamless patient journey, package up your services and bill what you are worth

How unsure you are about what marketing tactics and strategies you should be putting your time and effort into

Concerned you spend half your time on social media yet you don’t actually get any clients from any of the platforms

Believe that you & your business can thrive

I have helped dietitians and nutritionists just like you

Nail down their niche and what products/services they are going to offer them

Create an Ideal Client Avatar with client profiling to understand the buyer’s personality which helps to form your marketing strategy

Craft a sales funnel

Refine the patient journey from initial point of contact, onboarding through to discharge

Set up practice software and automations

Open up social media accounts for their business and utilise it as a marketing strategy

Reach out to people to form a collaborations

Present to groups of people in their target audience

You are a DAMN GOOD dietitian but....

How often do you feel like you know you can help your clients but you just don’t know how to get the clients?

Then you get them and after one appointment, they think you are done and you are only just getting started

You feel like you are doing all the things but you aren’t quite sure how all the dots add up? Your just stuck

don't worry. we've gotcha!

You might be hitting the wall, not getting the leads you need to hit your own financial goals, winging it with how you are getting leads and feeling like you are throwing things out there with no strategy at all.

You might even be starting to feel that getting a job might be a hell of a lot easier.

If you are, listen to me →(insert mum voice)←, you don’t need to give up. You just need to find how to get your message out there to the people that need to hear it the most.

Join us in our Thrive Program

6 month 1:1 high touch coaching program for dietitians and nutritionists. Lay the foundations of your business, attract, sell, build and grow your offering so your business can thrive – more impact, more income, more enjoyment as a fulfilled dietitian.

Now is the time for you to become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be. It’s time to step into the role of CEO, not just a dietitian or nutritionist.

Who it's for..

You’re already are a dietitian or nutritionist and want more impact on the world and you know you are capable of it

You’ve dipped your toes into the world of business and are now ready to commit. All the way

You’ve started your business but it’s a bit higgledy-piggledy and you need direction and focus with a roadmap of what to do

You’re drowning in admin yet not seeing the clients you want – in terms of who and how many

Who it's not for..

Dietitians who are happy doing what they are doing who don’t want to grow and scale their business

Dietitians still waiting for their dream job to come up and are doing private practice until then

Dietitians wanting someone else to do all the work for them

Dietitians who are afraid to put themselves out there and share their business with the world


The 5 Pillars of



Develop your businesses core foundations including technology, the client journey and money mindset.


Discover who are you trying to attract, how you can find them and who else is in their circle that you could connect with.


Create a community of fans around you that you can sell too, understand how a website will benefit your business and appreciate various marketing strategies and tactics that you can employ to build your business. 


Learn how to communicate sales confidently without it feeling icky and salesy. 


Master how to scale so you can double your income without doubling the hours worked whilst staying organised in your business. 

Here's What You Will Find Inside

Month 1

With Brianna

Foundations – nailing your message, your audience and knowing what they want

With STacey

Strategy + Content Planning

Month 2

With Brianna

Offering – Designing a unique service for your audience that they won’t be able to say no too

With STacey

Content Creation - optimising profiles, feed content, hashtags, captions etc

Month 3

With Brianna

Sales Conversations – learn the technique behind understanding how to convert conversations into clients

With STacey

Advanced Content - Stories, Reels, LIVE's, Video

Month 4

With Brianna

List Growth Strategy – Set up your email marketing system, grow your list and understand how to nurture them so you have an engaged list ready to buy from you

With STacey

Content Management - batching, repurposing and recycling content

Month 5

With Brianna

Collaborative Marketing – helping you to form relationships with those who share a similar audience to you

With STacey

Social Selling - how to drive leads create a social sales funnel, DM's, emails

Month 6

With Brianna

Launch – Know exactly how to launch your programs and offerings with the ability to repeat multiple times throughout the year

With STacey

Growth - collaboration, groups, giveaways and competitions


- How to use Canva tutorial with graphic designer Carlea O’Bryne
- How to nail the finances of your dietitian small business with Accountant Bonita Cory
- How to get your podcast started with Nikki O’Brien
- Learn how to use Linked In with Megan McNeill

Look!! Even more bonuses

The Stories + Reels Vault

Trello Content Planning + Re-purposing System to manage your social media

Editable Social Media Image Templates

That’s 6 months, fortnightly sessions with Brianna and Stacey + Guest speakers and trainings + Facebook community + Access to Brianna between sessions in ‘office hours’

Your Investment into Thrive


By the end of the program you will be able too....

Clearly define your audience – who they are, what their pain points are, what they need and what they are willing to pay for

Validate your idea

Grow your audience so you have people to sell too

Learn to market yourself in a non sleazy way

Confidently create a program that is needed and people are willing to pay for it

Earn more income from charging your worth

Have a suite of offerings that diversify your income streams

Reduce the overwhelm and clear the brain fog that business is giving you

Join Us in our Thrive Program

So go ahead and book in your Start, Plan and Grow Session to see if Thrive is the right program to support you on your journey to be the CEO of your nutrition business.

Thanks for being here


Your purchase of Thrive indicates your commitment to participate in the process and follow through to it’s conclusion. However, we also understand that unexpected events can happen. Refunds will be considered on an individual basis as the discretion of Brianna Fear-Keen. We ask each of our clients to be committed and faithful. A client may cancel within 24 hours of purchasing and request a refund. The refund will be issued, minus a 5% cancellation fee. To cancel your enrolment, send your request to brianna@theambitiousdietitian.com.au
Yes, paying in monthly instalments is an option however will incur a 10% surcharge.
There will be two hours of face to face calls that you will need to participate in per month. On top of that, you will be required to put in 1-3 hours a week of work and implementation of your learnings.
You will become apart of our TAD community with a closed Facebook group and our public Facebook group however you will get 1:1 attention with Brianna and Stacey for your face to face appointments and between session accountability in ‘office hours’.
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